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Peter Broderick – Ode To Blackberry


Originally from Carlton, Oregon, but now living in the West of Ireland, indie folkster Peter Broderick (top) returns with a tune paying tribute to his favourite fruit while the video animation is by Chad Van Gaalen.

The album Blackberry is out now.

Peter says:

“What an honour to have Chad’s animation accompanying this tune. During my brief stint working in a record shop in Portland (Oregon) several years ago, Chad stopped in one day while passing through town, and this is how I first met him. I was struck by how warm and friendly he was, then later discovered what a brilliant artist he is. Isn’t it great when brilliant artists are also nice people?”

It sure is.

Nick says: The good seed.

Peter Broderick

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2 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Oh No, it's Devo!

    +33&1/3 for Chad Van Gaalen. Superb artist and producer. Fans of Pavement check his song ‘Peace Was on the Rise’.

    Broderick is also great. Saw him accompanying the inimitable Daniel O’Sullivan in Bello Bar two years ago.

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