Alldi (above) and Lidl will no longer sell ‘middle-aisle’ products during Level 5 after bowing to government pressure

If the thought of a shop’s middle aisle
Is something that leads you to smile
Then I’ve got bad news
As it looks like they’ll choose
To give them a rest for a while

John Moynes

Pic: Twitter

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28 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. I'll be Bach

      I had thought this – sure people are there anyway so what’s the issue – but I suppose the thinking is if there are only “essential” items sold then people who are heading out with the _sole_ purpose of buying two inflatable canoes, a set of golf putters, and a metal detector will have to stay in.

    2. Micko

      Someone made the point the other day that it’s supposed to help smaller retailers out. But I don’t think the government care that much.

      Besides, people will just go to Amazon rather than risk disappointing their kids.

      1. Cian

        But the government care about tax. They get VAT from all the stuff bought in LIDL; they get nothing from Amazon.

    3. Brian

      I think the logic is that to have larger shops selling non essential goods would be unfair to the local electrical, book, hardware, clothes etc retailers who have had to close due to this pandemic. If I were a small retailer I would be very upset if larger shops were taking my trade.

      1. Micko

        It will ruin small business anyway.

        Friends of mine have a small but successful biz selling really nice handmade soaps and other things.

        They would compete (not really) with the big shops anyway as soap would be an essential product of course.

        They had their distributors cancel a massive order on them for the Christmas market because of level 5. An order that was supposed to go to chemists.

        Now those chemists have closed their gift sections – they’re knackered.

        After a brutal year, they were hoping to make it up in the Christmas sales. They literally work from their home making their products and their mortgage depends on it.

        1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

          A friend of mine is sending out redundancy letter to his staff today, four weeks notice , 11 people on the back of the send lockdown in Paris. Built the business from scratch, 11 years ago. I have been told the punch bag has been rehung in the basement.

          1. Hank

            That’s horrible, must be soul destroying to have a business you’ve built from scratch destroyed by a government strategy that’s based on meaningless “new cases” numbers. The damage to society from these multiple lockdowns which only serve to interrupt virus spread, not stop it, will be devastating. A much better approach would have been to focus on protecting the most vulnerable. And to have been honest with people rather than feeding us meaningless “new cases” and “deaths with covid” as opposed to “deaths from covid” figures.

        1. ian-oh


          Now hang on there, some Bourbon is muck absolutely, because it has a minimum aging of 2 years as opposed to Irish which is 3, but some of it is absolutely yummy.

          However, if you just dislike bourbon and whiskey generally that’s OK, not to everyone’s tastes!

          1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

            tis all muck to me, can’t stand grain whiskies, particularly corn based don’t like the sweetness or the high finish, imo the only thing bourbon is good for is getting the kegs after to add a little caramel flavor to Powers ;)

          1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

            I’m really about the smokey malts if I had to choose, my current fav newcomer is the West Cork Glengarriff Series Irish Whiskey Peat Charred Cask – they have smoked the barrel not the grain, gives a nice light smoked woody touch, a distinct peatiness but not overpowering The palate is sherry-sweet , fruity even. It’s like a young Islay Scotch ( which I adore ) that’s been blended up with some apple tones.
            The Bottle is beautiful, one to checkout on the new Irish scene imo.

  1. ian-oh

    I’ll have my fluffy microwavable slippers or death!

    There is no middle ground in this battle.

    None. Well, perhaps the middle aisle itself, but besides that…..

    1. ian-oh

      Stick the drum beat of ‘We will rock you” to that and you’ll onto a winner there….





      booo licks!


      Followed by killer guitar riff…..


  2. Just Sayin

    If the governent insists that we’re still in a serious pandemic, then we should support the teachers going on strike.
    We should also report to the Gardai any retailers selling non essential items e.g. alcohol & tobacco.

    With no fags and the kids nipping at their ankles people would be rioting in no time.

    We need to destroy as much as possible until we get a new government and can start rebuilding.

    Destroy everything quickly, there’s no point in waiting for the government to do it slowly, the longer it takes the ore people will die.

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