A new film recalling David Bowie’s first-ever US publicity tour in 1971, which helped birth Ziggy Stardust.

Via Consequence of Sound:

Bowie (played by Johnny Flynn) slowly undergoes a transformation into otherworldly alter ego Ziggy Stardust. Guiding him on this path is his Mercury Records press person Rob Oberman (Marc Maron), one of the few label employees to really believe in his music and potential. Bowie’s first wife Angie (Jena Malone) also offers him uplifting pep talks..

…Directed by British filmmaker Gabriel Range using a script from Christopher Bell, Stardust hasn’t received approval from Bowie’s family, and thus won’t feature any of the legend’s original music. The movie hits theaters and VOD on November 25.


Uncanny resemblance.


David Bowie Undergoes a Transformation in First Trailer for Stardust (CoS)

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15 thoughts on “Before The Rise

    1. ian-oh

      Yup, I can’t look at this and think this is Bowie. I can with most Music biopics but this, nah, he neither looks nor sounds the part at all.

      Bowie had that otherworldly quality and this guy just can’t emulate it.

      AND! I just read below that there is no music in it? Like WTF?

      That’ll be a no from me, Bob.

      1. scottser

        there was a movie about david prowse, who played darth vader called ‘i am your father’. two film makers thought it would be fitting to re-shoot vader’s death scene to reveal prowse’s face instead of the actor sebastian shaw. except you get to the end and you don’t get to see the scene because lucas slapped an injunction on it.
        pants is all it is.

  1. Seamus

    There was a film called Stardust released in 1974 starring Adam Faith and David Essex that was rather good. It was a sequel to That’ll be the Day.

      1. Clampers Outside

        That’s the one with Robert De Niro in a tutu…. Funniest scene in the whole movie, caught me by surprise and had me in stitches :)

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            I didn’t think much of her output until I saw Dangerous Liaisons and Married to the Mob. She was stupendous in both, finally being given scripts commensurate to her talent. The only role I found unbelieveable was Frankie and Johnny because there is no parallel world where Michelle Pfeiffer with greasy hair could be considered to have “not conventional good looks” (description of Frankie from the play’s script.)

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