Staying In Tonight?

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Indeed and you probably are.

Broadsheet on the Telly returns at 9.30pm streaming LIVE above and on our YouTube channel.

Join old friends, new pals and our pets as we discuss the rona, Trump/Biden and burying the Mother and Baby Home Commission files. And more

Tracking wristbands will be checked at the door.

Hosted by Neil Curran.

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26 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. Charger Salmons

    Well that’s me sorted for 9.30pm.
    Feet up to watch the lovely V with a box of tissues handy.
    Can’t seem to shake this cold …

        1. Joe F

          You absolute clown.
          Well done by the way, you actually wrote a complete sentence without any spelling or grammar errors.
          Nice and gently now old sport, try 2 sentences next time, but check it in MS Word first.

        2. Joe F

          Actually I’m wrong clown man. There is a mistake in your 12 word sentence. Now read carefully Krusty, there is no space between the end of a sentence and the ?. Marvellous.

    1. SOQ

      Or is it just Neil Curran’s unemployed comedian jet-setting status while complaining about how people who can’t wear masks at the airport don’t- is a bit weird?

        1. Steph Pinker

          SOQ: apropos of nothing pertaining to BS or this thread – why are older gay men referred to as old queens? I’m curious, no offence intended btw.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Godwin’s Law in force tonight.
    Tuned in around 10.30 and within a couple of minutes some joker in front of a wall of Post-It notes was calling Trump supporters Nazis.
    Tuned out straight away.Clearly if that’s the level of political intelligence on display I didn’t miss much.
    Lovely outfit by the way V.
    The colour suits your cheery disposition.
    What’s that ?
    Yes, of course I’ve been drinking.

  3. Lilly

    Tut tut, Lord Crumlin. Marian Finucane would never have reached the dizzying heights if her husband had bounded in threatening to decommission the radio on the hour.

    1. V aka Frilly Keane

      Not what you think Lil
      Serious words were had, and again this morning
      Bloody dog causing a racket, skangers with Bangers n’all sorts
      and I had headphones and was oblivious

      Nonetheless Sorry it happened,
      Apologies to all


      Btw when I’m back at my desk later today
      Post up those links to the podcast – Bloodied Field
      and Radio play Doc on 1 – A very Irish Coup

      1. Lilly

        Ah the poor dog. They’re tormented by those bangers. No apology necessary, that’s the way with Zoom etc, always someone barging in. I was only messing.


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