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Micko writes:

Hot Press have just shared this survey on their Facebook page.

In it, they ask potential concert-goers about their willingness to wear a tracking wristband that allows them to monitor for contact tracing. Fair enough.

They also ask about your willingness to wear such a device for 10 DAYS before you go to the gig to monitor your temperature and sleep patterns and tracing your GPS data while at the event – for safety…

I guess, failing the sleep and temperature check would prevent you from entering the concert.

I know it’s only a survey, but it possibly shows where this thing is eventually going if we don’t nip it in the bud now.


24 thoughts on “I’m With The Wristband

  1. Owen Evan

    This is excellent. For good or bad, it’s these curved balls that will help us navigate our way home. At least someone is attempting to shine a light in the darkness.

    1. f_lawless

      I’d have a completely different view and think a better analogy than ‘shine a light in the darkness’ would be ‘to leave a piece of cheese out on a mousetrap to see who’ll bite’. It’s testing the waters for another step towards the tech-driven totalitarian future as envisaged by Davos elites and we need to do everything we can to resist it.


      ‘If we don’t object, moving forward blockchain tokens representing all sorts of digital assets, including rights and privileges, will be held in digital accounts. Social entrepreneurs need these biometric identity systems in place in order to install their planned impact economy. Using health status as an issue of national security, our hijacked governments plan to impose this upon us, not for our own good, but because the biocapitalist agenda must proceed.

      Few realize it, but the Covid drama is providing cover for a far more insidious program of perpetual tracking and tracing tied to health management and (the UN’s) Sustainable Development Goal 3. Health data will create new equity markets meaning more and more wearable tech surveillance. The Impact Management Project’s practitioners, the asset holders whose greed led to a world beset by chronic illness, have structured profit centers in Internet of Things preventative care – social determinants of health weaponized.

      What we are living through is not a public health emergency but a reset of the global economy managed from Davos on behalf of the finance, technology and defense sectors. This “new normal” is totalitarianism wrapped up in a shiny “green” bow. ‘

  2. Janet, dreams of warm feet

    I thought the new Fitbit was in this direction too, it has now a temperature checker, so not just heart rate

    1. Micko

      Issue is though, you own the Fitbit and you can take it off.

      With this you couldn’t.

      Plus since only larger music promoters would be able to bring this in, it’d effectively kill the little guy.

      Destroying more small business.

      1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

        I used to track lots of stuff on mine, found it handy for calorie tracking for example and then I got a bit creeped out , only use it for heart rates on runs now, no more sleep info or period dates etc.

          1. Janet, dreams of warm feet

            on a darker note , some lady joggers were sharing their run stats on runners forums which had their starting home address, guess what stalked by creeps…

  3. scottser

    im beginning to think that we should just get chipped like dogs to make it easier for our masters.

    1. george

      Our masters being Hotpress Magazine? First Fair City now this. The pearls are being well clutched today.

    1. Micko

      I already have MR.T

      And that was my hope in asking the BS lads to post it

      Please everyone, do fill it in. Regardless of whether you thinks it’s a bad idea or not. Majority rules sure.

      Hoping that most here will see this as a very bad idea and the thin end of the wedge to a path we don’t want to go down.

      Ticketmaster and like, tracking your sleep and temperature and location. Sure what could go wrong ;)

      1. Cian

        I hope you filled in the questionnaire in an anonymous “private” session on your browser using a VPN….

        1. Micko

          Your Pandora Box analogy doesn’t really work here Cian

          Me being tracked online by Google because I haven’t used a VPN is miles away from a private company restricting my movements because an algorithm said so.

          There are already anecdotal reports of businesses turning customers away in the U.K, because they don’t have the U.K. tracking app on their phone.

          Thin end of the wedge man

          1. Oro

            More anecdotal reports! Hopefully it’s a bit more serious than Janet’s Welsh tampon fiasco that affected one solitary customer, would give you more credence.

            There seems to be a real conflation between access to public v private space during the pandemic, nobody is ever guaranteed access to a private business, you can be refused for any number of reasons. People are acting as if it’s their human rights on the line if they’re not allowed into a Tesco.

    1. goldenbrown

      hm dunno what sleep pattern has to do with it….maybe they mean ECG info which could have a C19 angle but I’d be surprised if a nominally cheap yoke like this could include such a feature
      also it’s a difficult toy to get compliance approval for (it took Apple ages to clear that hurdle for their watch)

      I personally hate the idea but I suppose per poster above says at least someone is trying

  4. Ian-Oh

    Suppose it depends on whether I’m doing a bit of crime or having an affair around the same time?

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