‘A Magnitude Of Up To 7.0’


This afternoon.

Izmir Province, Turkey.

A strong earthquake struck the Aegean Sea on Friday and was felt in both Greece and Turkey, where some buildings collapsed in the coastal province of Izmir, authorities said.

People flooded onto the streets in the tourist city of Izmir, witnesses said, after the quake struck the region with a magnitude of up to 7.0.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said on Twitter that six buildings had collapsed in two districts of Izmir province.

Strong earthquake strikes Aegean Sea, shaking Turkey, Greece (Reuters)

2 thoughts on “‘A Magnitude Of Up To 7.0’

  1. An older man

    Far away hills! Well I’m on the ground here avoiding level 5. Odd things I noticed. Washing machine concrete weight tapping as an early warning. Fitted wardrobes rattle at next level. House shaking quickly after. Cant remember much after as I went out the front door like a scalded dancing lemur in full Tesla crazy mode. Never knew I could hit warp speed at my age. Crying mothers n children in the street. That’s real fear for you. Btw hows Ivors graphs going I’ll be interested. Oh & I’ll be bringing new underwear home as I read I cant buy them in Ireland these days. Great little country, now off to the restaurant for sit down grub. Tis the simple things ooopps theres another after shock only a liggle one

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