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  1. GiggidyGoo

    19th October, Michilín announces Level 5. Came into effect 21st. Yesterday was 30th.
    We are being led to believe that this has resulted in a decrease in cases on Covid, backed up by a figure of a 36% reduction in cases last week.
    It can take 5 to 14 days for symptoms to show. Someone is talking rot.
    The period of time of 9 days versus the 5 to 14 days doesn’t add up to conclude level 5 has driven the 36% reduction.

    1. Charger Salmons

      That awful Day Mail has only had the temerity to publish an article demanding answers over the Hunter Boden laptop story and why the liberal media and social media giants are conspiring to bury it.
      A tawdry spectacle of biased hacks trashing the media’s already abysmal reputation.
      Can’t think why the Irish Times hasn’t taken any interest in it either…

      1. Nigel

        They’re SUPPOSED to take our obvious bait! Why won’t they this time?

        The idea of the media treating obvious dirty tricks like obvious dirty tricks must be terrifying.

        1. Charger Salmons

          It’s not a question of owning the libs.
          It’s the job of the media to hold all politicians to account, not just the ones they don’t like.
          Otherwise you end up with politicians taking decisions knowing full well the media won’t kick up a fuss and the population will remain largely ignorant of the facts.
          Ring a bell ?

          1. Charger Salmons

            Rather amusing considering you’re one of the chief whiners on here about de gubberment.
            They’re laughing at saps like you.
            Makes their job a whole lot easier.
            The Irish national symbol should be a shepherd’s crook rather than a harp.

          2. Nigel

            Nobody believes this crap, but they’re supposed to act as if they do instead of like real journalists. Imagine if they’d acted like that during Brexit! Inconceivable!

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            Cucker’s proof got lost in the post and then suddenly found again, but no you can’t see it, despite it being a huge political bombshell because, reasons.

            His own employer argued in court that he shouldn’t be believed about anything. “Fox persuasively argues, that given Mr. Carlson’s reputation, any reasonable viewer ‘arrive[s] with an appropriate amount of skepticism’ about the statement he makes.”

          4. Johnny

            If only the R’s could hear from witnesses about hunter and Ukraine,like in oh say hearing….
            No one literally no one give a fook bout hunter.
            100,000 new cases,the grim reaper on Halloween is mowing down dump,racist trump supporters in mid west,let it rip…..
            Oh Walmart has removed all guns and amo.

          5. Rosette of Sirius

            I’m fairly sure you won’t find posts from me whining about ‘de gu’mint’…. Lolz and making stuff up now. As usual. What’s next? Scatological themed insults from your coprophilic tendencies, yeh durty divil?

            Poo, poo, poo…..

          6. Charger Salmons

            When politicians play rope-a-dope with their electorate the dumbest are always caught first.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        Well, there was no change in behavior as far as I could see. Supermarkets packed, streets packed, pubs open, restaurants open, Hotels open, people visiting, public transport no change. Roads as busy as ever.

        1. deluded

          Maybe those people packing these venues and not observing basic hygiene protocols are undermining the hard work and sacrifices of the other 90%.

          1. bisted

            …it is sometimes easy to forget when reading the comments on a site like Broadsheet with its declared position just how small the opposition to observing health advice is…

          2. GiggidyGoo

            @Deluded. No relevance – to – The period of time of 9 days versus the 5 to 14 days doesn’t add up to conclude level 5 has driven the 36% reduction.

        2. deluded

          It’s hard to say Giggidy; what is the gestation period, for instance, before people become symptomatic?
          Has the threat of lockdown runaway infection rates made more people conscious of washing their hands and taking care around others? (traffic obviously doesn’t count, but travelling through Belfast to evade the rules is a weird loophole).

          1. GiggidyGoo

            It is difficult to say alright – and so it should be difficult for Holohan and the media to say too, instead of cherry picking data.
            Is it any wonder I, and many more don’t trust him?

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Still irrelevant to the original post. What I would like to see though is a move from repeating the same every few months, and expecting a different result. There are other views on this virus apart from the WHO who are regularly flip flopping in their advice. Many outlined by SOQ. It needs to be dealt with from a different view.

          3. deluded

            I think that the WHO are trying to develop a strategy that works, as are we in Ireland.
            Why can we not follow what New Zealand or Australia are doing?

          4. deluded

            … oh yeah I see now what you are referring to: you doubt the figures and the conclusions derived from them.

      1. GiggidyGoo

        But the claim is that the lockdown of 21st (level 5) resulted in a 36% reduction. So if the GAA stopped on 5th, that’s 16 days before the date of this claim.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            They’re not claiming though that the absence of GAA matches has resulted in the reduction of 36%.
            They’re saying that the level 5 lockdown resulted in the reduction. But they can’t say that as the 5-14 day period wouldn’t have been reached (unless all ‘cases’ were confirmed within the 5 days)
            Figures are been presented that can’t be correct relating to the reasons for them.

          2. bisted

            …totally irrelevant…what Broadsheet Bord na Rona think that is…after two weeks gambling the government finally heeded the NPHET advice…the only thing proven to work is a lockdown…the virus will be checked and what happens after that is what matters…hopefully a vaccine…but if not there really will be a repeat of government fumbling, hoping for a different result…

          3. GiggidyGoo

            You’re having a problem understanding there Bisted. I won’t explain it to you, but ask someone for god’s sake.

          4. bisted

            …you were right when you said irrelevant Giggsy…the only voice that matters is the governments…albeit belatedly, they have accepted NPHET advice…all you herd immunity people have lost…again…

          5. SOQ

            So if natural immunity does not happen- what exactly does happen?

            It is you that is arguing for a social experiment never attempted before- so please explain.

    2. f_lawless


      Worth considering:
      Dr John Curran poses a couple of questions to De Gascun, Varadkar and Donnelly:
      (includes screenshots to give context to his queries)

      “Has there been any policy change around repeat testing of “weak positives” after 08/10/20 proposals. hpsc dot ie/a-z/respiratory/coronavirus/novelcoronavirus/guidance/outbreakmanagementguidance/PCR%20weak%20results%20guidance.pdf

      Has there been any change in policy around routine amplification cycles required for #COVID19 #PCR assays? @CillianDeGascun

    1. Joe F

      Come on old boy, can you put your money where your mouth is? Call the result. I’m saying Bide will win, Will you say Trump is going to win?

  2. SOQ

    Really interesting new group being setup in the UK called ‘Recovery’ who aim is to challenge the lockdown strategy and to highlight what we refer to as the collateral damage- meaning the other deaths and suffering that lockdowns cause.

    Their twitter statement reads “The campaign to lead the UK out of the Covid19 crisis into a positive future through a rational, balanced response.” and its members include people like Lord Sumption, former Supreme Court Judge- so it is very mainstream.

    Here is TV presenter and psychotherapist Emma Kenny’s passionate- and scathing- speech.


      1. SOQ

        “Lockdowns do not in the long term supress infection, they supress it only while they remain in force. The infections and associated deaths simply occur afterwards.”

        “None of those who are stridently calling of more measures have explained why they will be any more successful next time than they were last time.”

        “It seems pointless to complain that a policy of collective natural immunity is immoral or heartless… this kind of statement is simply a way of closing our eyes to emotionally uncomfortable facts, it is a way evading awkward dilemmas…”

        “Collective natural immunity is simply a description of how most epidemics end. To describe a policy based on it as immoral presupposes that is some alternative that will bring it to an end less painfully, or faster. None of those who have denounced The Great Barrington Declaration have come up with such an alternative, as they surely would have done, if it existed.”

        Lord Sumption.

          1. SOQ

            “We need to look at the crisis as a whole and not just at the medical site of it. This is not just a public health crisis, it is a social crisis, an economic crisis, an educational crisis, among other things.- Lord Sumption.

            If this is the opinion of a retired supreme judge then you can be pretty certain it is also the opinion of at least some of the current judges serving in the highest court in the UK- and the same goes for Ireland too.

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      When the hospitals fill with CV19 patients, there will be even more “collateral damage”. It won’t be good for anyone’s mental health, either. It is not a simple case of lockdown bad, no lockdown good. It is a balancing act.

      Take care. Zero cases in Melbourne, today.

      1. SOQ

        “…aside from week 17 of the pandemic in mid April, all cause mortality rates this year are comparable to recent years, and 99% of corona virus are mild. Yet we continue to destroy the lives and livelihoods of millions of people here in the UK- how have we arrived here? “- Emma Kenny.

        1. Chuckenstein

          There was a good piece on RT examining Johnson’s language at the recent party love-in (where he refers to wind energy, by way of jogging the mind) and it makes the point that there is a concerted effort to ensure that we don’t ‘return to 2019’. RT, I know, but I can try to find it if you’re interested.

    2. Cian

      There were 1,658 covid deaths in the UK over the last seven days. That is 3.5% of their total deaths this year

      One thousand six hundred and fifty seven.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        how significant is that, though, cian?

        last week was week 43 of the year, so, on average, each week will account for 2.3% of total deaths so far – but youd expect the summer weeks to have a below-average % and autumn and winter weeks to have an above-average %, so 3.5% at this time of the year perhaps isnt all that extraordinary

  3. Johnny

    -some companies in ny are subsidizing staff renting adjoining/close by apartments to use 24/7 by small teams as office pods,but rents here off 25%,only down 12% in Dublin.

    “Unsurprisingly this lack of demand means that rents covered in the report have also slid, with those on apartments falling by about 12 per cent, according to Reilly’s figures, since the advent of the pandemic in March”


    1. MME

      Paddy Cosgrave (that lovely cuddly likeable man) and the Shinners already declaring victory. Nothing from MSM yet.

      Amusingly, a lot of people asking “how can I read the Village scoop?” – suggesting they buy it is met with “no, I want to read it online (without paying) – any screengrabs, medium posts?” Sign of the times. Lol.

    1. Pat Mustard

      Concannonbots combined to come up with that mealy mouth statement. The usual “I know it’s not best practice..” excuse flung in as a mitigating factor.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            Donnellys contribution in the Dail on 16th April 2019 drives a horse and carriage through Varadkars statement. “The GPs have not seen it, the public have not seen it, and we have not seen it…I have asked the Department for them and I have asked the HSE. We have been denied access to any of the detail.”

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