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35 thoughts on “Stay In Your Lane

  1. Col

    Given the increasing number of seagulls and other birds walking around on footpaths and perching on walls free gratis, I think we should give serious consideration to taxing them too. They don’t even clean up after themselves!

  2. Stephen

    Its not road tax its motor tax and it is based on the emissions produced.
    So yeah tax cyclists on the emissions they produce.

    1. Bruncvik

      I don’t drive or cycle, but you should see my emissions after half a dozen pints… Or maybe alcohol tax covers those emissions?

  3. theo kretschmar schuldorff


    adjective = [‘terrible’, ‘rude’, ‘too slow’, ‘a menace’, ‘entitled’, ‘not like me’]
    solution = [‘pay tax’, ‘give way’, ‘into a fine paste’, ‘buy cars’, ‘wear normal clothes’, ‘drive’]

    lines = []
    for adjective, solution in zip(adjective, solution):
    line = F”- Cyclists are {adjective} and should be made {solution}, like the rest of us”


  4. george

    A startlingly original letter there. The editor must have fallen off his seat in excitement on reading such a hot take.

  5. Nullzero

    It’s called Motor Tax.

    However, we really could do with cyclists being required to have insurance and some form of registration that is visible to other road users.

    1. mexican

      Insurance for what? Car drivers have insurance for the tens of thousands of Euro damage they cause when crashing into each other, into inanimate objects and into people.

      How’s the registration thing working out for all the hit and run drivers?

      Also anyone who’s a member of Cycling Ireland is insured.

  6. bORT

    Ah Oisin, the cycling advocate who makes people hate cyclists . Classic example of pushing middle of the road people to the right.

  7. Micko

    What’s the story with lads cycling around with no hands on the handlebars?

    Anyone else noticed that- it’s everywhere now! It’s like a fad or something.

    1. Micko

      It’s really annoying when you’re passing them out. Bloody terrified they are gonna fall under the wheels of my car.

      I beeped at one a few weeks back and he went mental! Full on argument we had

      His position was that it “was his problem if he went under the wheels”

        1. Micko

          Well, I say to you what I said to him.

          “I don’t want to have to explain to your family as to why they can’t have an open coffin for you, coz I’ve run over your head You stupid ca&€“

          He then backed off.

  8. wearnicehats

    Leaving aside the tax debate, they definitely should have insurance. I also think that schools should insist that all their pupils cycling to school should wear helmets regardless of the general ridiculous rule that it’s voluntary. It would remove the “too cool” excuse. Electric scooters should be banned for under 16s and possibly fully electric bikes too. The roads are mental out there – the scooters are death traps, especially when it’s windy. Saw a guy come off his yesterday. Thankfully for him he fell on the footpath instead of in front of me. He did hurt himself – no helmet – and there was blood but he was all over the place so I’d zero sympathy.

    My biggest rant though is when I have to struggle my way past some cyclist – usually a deliveroo guy on his phone – and then watch them sail past me again through a red light and have to start the passing struggle all over again.

  9. Madam X

    As a long suffering pedestrian who had been nearly cleaned by bikers quite a few times with no idea of road rules they need to be controlled trained in road use and fined for transgressions. But I won’t hold my breath.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      pedestrians stepping out onto the road with all the obliviousness of Mr Magoo endanger cyclists as much as they endanger themselves

      and it happens a lot – and, invariably, they glare at you with indignation: the sort of “what the fupp are you doing here” glare that you might give someone who’s just barged into your bathroom while you’re doing a wee

      so perhaps everyone should undergo some training before being allowed near a road?

      1. paul

        I thought you were going down a whataboutery response but I do agree, there should be some kind of ‘common sense’ class in schools covering everything from how to vote, how to budget, freedom of information/GDPR, boil an egg and perhaps most importantly, road usage. That way a person making an ass of themselves can be told by Garda, Judge, member of the public etc that ‘they were told’.

          1. Cian

            I know. But my view is the Irish have a terrible difficulty with the concept of “personal responsibility” and constantly want something or someone else to take charge. Oh, and the best part? Once someone else takes charge – we give out about it.

            There is total disconnect – we rail against living in a “Nanny State”… but simultaneously absolve all responsibility.

          2. Janet, dreams of warm feet

            the primary I went to taught us basic cooking, dress making, basics of carpentry, how to change a plug, plant identification, marching, choir and bell ringing ( I never did get the bell ringing) , the manners you had them or you were sent home ( Irish language barely got a nod, came out barely able to string a sentence together ) but with basic French.

  10. RandomNoise

    Jesus, this again.

    I’m a pedestrian, a cyclist and a motorist.

    Can we not just all agree to hate everyone, regardless of the mode of transport?

    That’s what I do.

  11. Joe

    Mandatory insurance should be compulsory for all cyclists. To protect themselves and their road victims. Work in A@E for a few months and be amazed at the amount of pedestrians visiting with breakages and other injuries due to cyclists.


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