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    1. Charger Salmons

      Yet again another brilliant headline from the Star.
      Out-Sunning the Sun.
      Whichever old fart wins this race the big losers once again are the pollsters.
      Massively wrong in predicting a walkover for Sleepy Joe.

      1. scottser

        can you provide one link to a non-partisan publication anywhere that predicted a walkover for biden, spaffer?

          1. scottser

            you gov are the easyjet of data analytics, much favoured by the tories as it was started by two of their own..
            try again spaffer.

    1. Shayna

      What happens in the dressing rooms …etc. We shall arise (again) and go to HQ. (Terribly paraphrased W.B). And there we shall build our fort!

      1. V aka Frilly Keane

        That’s not the sorta sisterhood solidarity talk out’ve ya in the chatpit the other night Shayna

        No worries – I’m used to it around here

        So if it’s ok with you
        I’ll just assume all your stories are just as hastily contrived and for effect
        Like say – was it even two mins – if that, from over 100
        That You decided that review?

        Gas really, when you were coming on yourself that time
        You ran away crying

        – explains Tyrone’s football pedigree anyway

        1. Shayna

          What? Shayna hasn’t been in the chat pit since Preposteros was in the chair? You know I’m a nice Tyronian. – Jesus, do I have an impersonater? Wow? Why?
          Seán O’.Casey was from Tyrone, Killyclogher, also Sam Neil (actor) is a Tyronian. Darren Clarke (Golfer) Peter Kay (Coalisland), whichever is Ant/Dec – they are from Coalisland. wasn’t me – someone going on about Tyrone GAA – well – it’s a tad mad on it!

          1. Vanessanelle

            ‘scuse me Mill

            I’m supposed to sit back – even after al this time, and still say nothing about the contrived targeted – most of it untrue, cartel of abuse pinned to me?

            Funny how yis never point to other peoples claws around here


            Ye win Broadsheet

          2. millie

            Vanessa. I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Before you take it on yourself to have a go at me, whatever drama this is, I want no part of it. My comment was a light hearted jibe.

            Just clearing that up, yes?

          3. Vanessanelle

            Noted, Mill

            I was reminding Shayna of posts she made – damaging btw, and not just to me
            Less than a week ago
            that fly in the face of her reply to me there

            More of the same in fairness

            I’m just not turning a blind eye to it anymore
            And I shouldn’t have to either, not after over two years of it

          4. millie

            Right-o. Apologies for wading in. I’ll leave you to it.

            For the record, I would never insult your scones*.

            *assuming this is what this whole hootenanny is about.

          5. Bertie Theodore Alphege Blenkinsop

            This is why we need a DM facility on Broadsheet, it would stop people airing their grievances and perceived slights in front of the whole class.

            (also, I could send Millie the love poetry I’ve been writing)

          6. Charger Salmons

            Good Lord no.
            I’m stalked by the same losers enough as it is without them dingleberrying around my DMs.
            And yes I’m aware that dingleberrying might not be an actual verb.

          7. Vanessanelle

            agreed on the DM thing Bert

            They’ve worked for years on the GAA forums, lads kept the non-essential(¬‿¬) stuff off the thread
            and allowed the thread stay on topic, and kept some order

            having said that, if any of ye saw the emails and messages and other stuff
            that gets sent, and copied
            behind the scenes
            ye really wouldn’t believe

          8. Charger Salmons

            We don’t need DMs V.
            We’re almost telepathic at this stage.You’re fooling no-one with your constant insults towards me.
            Just as well I’m not thin-skinned loike …

  1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    We are seeing that Broadsheet may be a semi-UK operation, given the tabloids and the Charger Salmons franchise.

    We are particularly curious about the consistent publishing of The Sun.

    The editors may be too young to know this but The Sun is a damned paper of ill repute within most of northern England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We have no idea if ‘Never Buy the Sun’ reached the backwaters of NI. There is no point in naming all of the incidents to back this up but we would suggest starting with Hillsborough 1989 and moving backwards and forwards from it, including the entire empire and motives of media mogul, Rupert Murdoch.

    Interestingly, one of our team had an interview for a senior position at News International at Bishops’s Square and the interview was delayed while the Director recovered from a rollicking from Murdoch.

    We have seen comments on the paper from contributors here which is usually trivial and/or derogatory – or dangerously accepted as fact.

    As supporters of free press and experience in ethical publishing, we would appeal to Broadsheet to cease publishing The Sun newspaper, but only by readers’ vote.
    Maybe send a survey.

    The Redundant Proofreaders Society

    1. benblack

      In fairness, Charger had a pretty comprehensive answer to all the newspaper critics a few days’ ago.

      Meanwhile, election results.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Well, as V said, Varadkar had no worries last night as regards support. The morphing is now complete.

    Now it’s up to the Gardai.

    Slimon Harris has been shown up and left to hang out to dry, as was McEntee. He got the last word in last night in a diarrhea-type attempt to try offset the revelations about when he knew.

    Varadkars UN EU aspirations are now in the dumpster, as are Harris’ leadership ambitions. There will always be something with Dinny.

    Confidentiality is no longer a foundation stone of trust in this state. Varadkar has damaged so many people and so much. He couldn’t even answer whether he leaked confidential dail business. I get the feeling there’s more to come.

    1. Vanessanelle

      There’s nothing there for the Gardai either

      Maybe if they can prove the other fella profited in some way
      But I can’t see it

      Denis Naughten and David McCourt was far more serious, and with far more deeper and costlier consequences
      As well as having a better case for Insider stuff to be proved, third party actions could also have followed and been successful, if there were any other Tender Groups left in the game at that point

      And as well as nothing really was done about it, ok Naughten stepped down from his Ministerial
      But he still kept his seat, had to know if his drop was all that, (from 30% in GE16 to 18 there in Feb) and not the SF surge against a very anti FG election

      Anyway, neither here nor there
      Nothing but wasted Garda time and resources here

      Far far worse CoI, and other breaches going on in there
      Between all the parties tbh

  3. GiggidyGoo

    “Is it the position of the Attorney General that Leo Varadkar did not break the law? Have you seen all the correspondence? Why do you refuse to publish all of the correspondence for public scrutiny?”

    Question, unanswered, from Mary Lou McDonald to Michilín.

  4. Charger Salmons

    Mate, keep drinking the Kool-Aid.
    The only place where there’s an anti-Sun crusade is Liverpool and that’s considered the City of Entitlement by the rest of the country.
    For all their whining about Hillsborough the Scousers are strangely quiet about all the deaths they caused at Heysel.
    The Sun started going downhill when they stopped publishing boopity boopers on Page 3.
    Go woke, go broke.

  5. Charger Salmons

    Trump doing so well amongst the Latino vote especially down in Miami-Dade rather puts paid to the the whole media ‘ Trump is a racist ‘ message.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Trump also doing much better among black men than expected.
      Perhaps it’s the economy stupid after all, based on the jobs Trump has created for them.
      Still a good path to the White House for Biden though.
      Lots in play.

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Psycho Seagulls and Pilfering Pigeons aren’t doing their jobs. Z-Listers aren’t breastily, heaving boobily down the beaches cos it’s cold in November and they can’t go to Dubai to get “papped” so they’ve had to look to actual news to report.

  6. Charger Salmons

    Zinger from Boris towards Sir Kneel-a-lot at today’s PMQs.

    “Tony Blair would not have spent 4 years in the shadow cabinet of Jeremy Corbyn, standing shoulder to shoulder with him”

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