You May Love This


A.S. Fanning – All Time

Love is in the air.

Berlin-based Dublin crooner AS Fanning (top) charms the pants off us with the new single from his second album You Should Go Mad, out later this month on Proper Octopus Records.

Filmmaker Mark Logan of Collective Films has also made a memorable video to complement the song, shot on Super 16.

Mark says:

“When we first heard A.S Fanning’s “All Time” it really struck a chord with us. It set us on a path to truly capture the rawness and beauty with which Fanning crafts each mesmerising note, melody and lyric…The video depicts three parallel stories that occur at different times and different stages of life, but all in magical West Cork, Ireland.

“This film is a response to the timeless nature of Love, which can be felt from this majestic tune.”

Nick says: Timeless.

A.S. Fanning

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