Last night.

Claire Byrne Live on RTÉ One.

A man who had two pints.

Earlier: A Limerick A Day

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22 thoughts on “Speak Easy

  1. Toby

    Ah, that old chestnut. Im self medicating, the young need to drink for their mental health, Im only doing it for my commuuuuuunity. Utter arrogance and self delusion.

    I see Roisin Ingle is selling the same line in the times. Drinking is the new kindness it seems. Cos mental health…

    1. Hank

      You’re becoming more and more disturbing with each new comment. I suspect a little mini dictator has been waiting to emerge from the depths (and I use that word very loosely) of Toby for years now. Finally, covid is giving him the chance to be free!

      1. johnny

        it’s about as far from research as you can get…..

        “We have seen an increase of 35% in emails from men during lockdown compared to the same time last year.”

        so from 10,000 to or from 100 to..

        calls-up or down ?

        its a pamphlet .

        1. SOQ

          My point is that right across the board, mental health charities are reporting massive increases in support requests- which should hardly be a surprise.

          Anecdotal maybe but I have heard of four suicides in the past three weeks- and that is just local to me. The damage done by these stupid lockdowns will be off the scale.

          1. BS

            So in order to assist people with mental health issues which have been caused or worsened by the pandemic we should let people do what they want? Carry on life as if nothing has changed? Ignore public health guidelines and the law? I’m confused here as to what your point is soq

            We’re all being asked to make small sacrifices, and yes some are sacrificing more than others, and small changes are bigger for some people etc etc but if someone’s mental health is deteriorating then going out to the pub or drinking on the street isn’t the answer.

    2. Toby

      Lads, Im sure you are both viral experts etc, but sitting there using the Samaritans to make your case for street drinking is kind of perverse in any world.

      Im sure they appreciate you shilling for them, but would rather depend on the advice doctors, psychologists etc when it comes to prescribing alcohol as a solution to depression.

      1. scottser

        if this was such a serious issue, then why were no arrests made?
        or do we have to listen to this constant pearl clutching ad nauseum? you’re in good company though toby – pat kenny, claire byrne et al were hand wringing on that topic this morning. be sure to tune into joe duffy flater on or maximum pathos.

        1. Toby

          Yes, Pat and Claire are the problem, not you or the other Einsteins promoting alcohol as a solution to depression.

          1. scottser

            i think you’ll find it’s the social component that is being vaunted here toby. or do you know for a fact that every single person person there was drinking alcohol? nobody drinking a coke or just having a smoke and a natter because the only person they’ve spoken to face to face for the past month is a shop assistant?
            judge not lest thee be judged, kid.

          2. Nigel

            A level-headed person on the radio this morning pointed out that there are also plenty of people meeting up outside drinking coffees, and crowding into parks (why there were photos not so long ago of our very own Taoiseach.) The gov is reacting to the poor visuals and the easy target, but being outdoors, it’s just not as much of a risk, and honestly my heart goes out to people stuck in tiny apartments desperate for human contact and yes there are lots of people stuck inside desperate for human contact who can’t, or who are observing the lockdown more strictly, but the quality of mercy is not strained and all that.

          3. Toby

            Nice climbdown there kid. Pushing alcohol for depression not a good look so you play the old social component card. Get up yourself and wear your mask.

          4. Nigel

            Two things I would recommend for depression:
            1. Not having a pandemic.
            2. Having a functional and well-funded mental health service.

            it isn’t right, it isn’t good, but failing to meet those two conditions will lead to people self-medicating.

            I would also point out that mental health is an issue for everybody, not just for people with depression.

            (Speakng as someone with a diagnosis, I don’t really appreciate being used as a pretext by the pro-covid side, but I also think some leeway could be granted by the pro-lockdowners, and of course, a lot more mental health service funding from our verdammt government.)

          5. Toby

            We are totally aware of your concern and compassion Nigel, but you’re tying yourself in knots reminding us.
            What a load of crock. We have a pandemic. Deal with it and stop being such a whiney snowflake and try and go a few weeks without drinking outside. Nowhere is that advocated as a cure for depression.

            Speaking as someone with a diagnosis, im sick of seeing people weaponise mental health- especially as an excuse to go bush drinking.

          6. johnny

            skin up like the canadians,netflix and chill is now,pubs are so boomer:)

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            $64.2M – Apr ’20
            $76.1M – May ’20
            $96.0M – Jun ’20
            $103.5M – Jul ’20
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            Mass. sales of rec. just broke through the 1 Billion dollar ceiling.

  2. johnny

    smoke-drops tomorrow,eagerly awaited,much talked bout.

    “SMOKE” traces the fascinating and complex legacy of marijuana in the Black community. Early usage was recreational in nature, but political and racial dynamics led to the criminalization of cannabis and eventually its prohibition. America’s unjust war on drugs systematically targeted marijuana use in the Black community, resulting in racially disproportionate numbers of arrests and convictions. “SMOKE” features the voices of high-profile lawmakers, including the potential Vice President of the United States Senator Kamala D. Harris, Senator Cory Booker and Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx, who are fighting to bring restorative justice to those incarcerated and others saddled with felony convictions”

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