This morning.

Nine years.


Mick Finnegan (37) from Crumlin, in south inner city Dublin, was 12 when he joined the voluntary paramedic organisation St John Ambulance in the 1990s. He was about 14 when he was abused by a senior figure in the ambulance service…

Finnegan grew up in Crumlin, an area he says was “destroyed with drugs” during the 1980s and 1990s. He was the eldest of four children and says his mother was delighted when he became involved with the organisation as he was steering clear of crime.

The grooming started shortly after he joined the Old Kilmainham division of St John Ambulance as a youth member or “cadet”. [More at link below]

St John Ambulance child sex abuse: ‘I remember not being believed’ (Irish Times, August 17)

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5 thoughts on “Believed

  1. one username only please

    Beggers belief. Tinky-poo 9 years of waiting.How long in actual terms was this case actually worked on.Surely it would take days or weeks.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      In the IT story he says he reported it to the John’s Ambulance in 2001 so 19 years. I hope the letter from Tusla brings him comfort and some peace after his ordeal and an opportunity to live a long happy life.

      1. ian-oh

        19 years waiting on this?

        Beyond belief really, when exactly will this country finally start to view, investigate and prosecute crimes like this appropriately?

        Or as many suspect, are they just trying to let time erode current cases and allow for the deaths of the accused for whatever reasons?

        Makes one sick.

  2. H

    On the one hand it’s great that he finally has a conclusion but on the other, the time frame is ridiculous, what an awful thing to have hanging over you for that length of time. I hope Mick is able to access appropriate support to help him deal with everything.
    Pardon my ignorance, if the claim is founded does that mean that criminal proceedings will be brought against the perpetrator, or is that something that Mick would have to initiate?

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