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This morning.

Further to Rtegate…

…Via RTÉ:

Chair of the Oireachtas Communications Committee Niamh Smyth has said events surrounding a retirement gathering at RTÉ are of huge concern and clarity and a forthright statement from the organisation is needed.

She told RTÉ’s Today with Claire Byrne she did not accept that it was an “impromptu” event and she said that the Communications Committee has a responsibility to ask questions about how this event happened in the first place.

We are in Level 5 lockdown, she said, “and this is an indoor social gathering”.

‘Clarity’ needed from RTÉ over social distancing breach (RTÉ)



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10 thoughts on “Hi Dee Hi

    1. scottser

      what kind of kittens?
      kittens dressed in football strips? kittens with alien hats? kittens in tights?
      YOU WEIRDO!!

  1. Toby

    Absolute showboating at best. There are no questions that need to be answered that a text or email couldn’t answer. Micky waving competition to show who’s in charge. RTE were selfish, out of touch spanners, apologised profusely and will move on. This circus is a waste of time. Although it would be nice to see Jon “Volcanic” Williams get his comeuppance….

  2. v AKA Frilly Keane

    Not sure its the Comms Committee’s job to have oversight on an organisation’s H & S policy and their Covid Management
    Definitely cannot approach anything that might interfere with any personnel & HR matters there

    It would be the RTÉ Board’s job to interrogate their CEO here
    probably via the Chair with Legal and HR, and another Director, and report back on the affair,
    Despite the clamouring and public interest in this story, it was carry on in a place of work that put employees at risk,
    And also did Reputational Damage to the organisation

    But since the Committee have her in – maybe they can ask Dee Forbes about the RTE 2019 accounts

  3. Happy

    My source tells me that yes, it clearly wasn’t impromptu, but that the party had been very well organized with squares on the ground for everyone to remain within. Which they did, till someone pulls the camera out and they all go “wahey!”

    I suppose in truth it is no different to what would happen in any office currently open, but these guys are senior figures in a public organisation and have public profiles. Very stupid of them.

    1. spud

      Not true.
      Colleagues of wife (teacher) retired after 40 years service.
      He left the building and no gathering held at the school on his last day.
      No photos.
      No speech.

      It was all done on Zoom later that night.

      Sad, but they listened to the guidelines and are hoping to celebrate when this is all over… like most people.

      The organisation of such an event in RTE speaks how out of touch they all are.

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