Meanwhile, At Terminal 2


This morning/afternoon.

Dublin Airport.

A Covid-19 testing centre has opened at Terminal 2, the second one at the airport.




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6 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Terminal 2

  1. Brother Barnabas

    Dublin Airport spreading fake news

    Ignore Ignore Ignore

    Listen to real, substantiated authorities like anonymous internet commenter Micko – his neighbour told him that yanks are arriving as far as the eye can see

    that’s good enough for me

      1. Brother Barnabas

        its mutual, micko xox

        just hope it doesnt spill over into raw sexual passion – we know how that would turn out: I’d insist you wear a mask, you’d get all stroppy…

        1. johnny

          ..oh i’m sure its not first ‘stroppy” person you insisted do something they did not want to….bro.
          rent free Micko.

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