The rot set in soon after.


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16 thoughts on “Slogan’s Run

  1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

    Did that amendment for foreign divorce being recognized go through in the end ?

      1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

        lol nope me, I got a nasty surprise when I heard it may not be recognized there lately :)

    1. bisted

      …er Cian…have you not deduced yet that the divorce referendum was not about divorce…nor was the same sex marriage referendum or the pro-choice outcome…

      1. Haroo

        It was about the Great Reset, vote rigging in Pennsylvania and the plandemic… A crucial but underappreciated step

          1. Haroo

            Yeah just try to link any old two pieces of muck together as well. Don’t worry about logic or evidence. Start from asserting something is the case and work your way back finding anything that slightly backs it up. And when someone casts doubt or points out the flaws in your theory just resort to the golden 3.

            1). They are too stupid to understand.
            2). They are naive and believe everything they are told.
            3). Turn logical argumentation on its head and instead if you trying to prove your point/theory is true, insist that they must prove that your point/theory is not true.

            Then go back to thinking the world is this ultra interesting place full of conspiracy and actors with hidden ulterior motives that are successfully able to effect them and not makes a complete balls of things as per usual.

            This will also underline how special you are as one of the only ones that can see through all the smoke and mirrors and fantastical secret ploys.

  2. bisted

    …I have to grudgingly admit that the ‘bye bye Daddy’ campaign was brilliant…not as good as ‘get your rosaries of my ovaries’ though…

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