The Morality of Lockdowns


And the price of speaking out against them.

From the ‘Very Opinionated Kate Wand Show‘.

Covid response critic Ivor Cummins writes:

A must watch. I can say no more. You can support the corporate takeover of our society. Or you can support truth in science, and protect our future. The latter protect our society, over the actions of vandals. It is your choice. Make it wisely….

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31 thoughts on “The Morality of Lockdowns

      1. bisted

        …I’ll stick with pro-sickness Micko…pro choice means something completely different in Ireland…but since you bring it up…all the anti-choice crowd seem to have taken a side here…

        1. Micko

          What? Have you lost the plot?

          Are you going to equate every single right-wing viewpoint to anti-lockdowners just because we disagree on the handling of a pandemic? One single issue FFS!

          I’ve seen commenters here equate anti-lockdowners to:

          Nazis (in this very effin post- directly below)
          Pro trump
          Anti- Semites
          and now we’re anti-abortion.

          I am NONE of these things. I disagree on a single issue with you and yet you start this crap.

          You need to take a long look in the mirror and grow the hell up pal. People have different opinions.

          Pulling that plop. State of you

          1. bisted

            …thank you for the lecture Micko…I didn’t say that all the anti-lockdowners were right wing nutjobs…but all rightwing nutjobs seem to be anti-lockdown…

          2. Micko

            You’re welcome Bisted – now don’t let me catch you again. ;)

            Oh and btw ‘pro-choice’ doesn’t mean something different in Ireland.

            “pro-choice” means the same thing everywhere

            The choice to determine your own future.

            We all voted here to give women that right – maybe we should have a referendum on Covid.

            But who am I kidding, at this stage, I’d just rather a proper debate instead of this one-sided rubbish.

    1. Junkface

      I watched one or two videos of Ivor Cummins on youtube. My God! He is the most smug looking Irishman I’ve ever seen! Unusual. He looks like he’s been smelling his own farts all day and loving it!

      That being said, I did listen to his arguments and point of view, but I’m not convinced, and I do also question his motives.

    1. bisted

      …the holocaust remains in living memory and no event can match it for infamy…those who deny it or attempt to trivialise it are as wilfully culpable as those who carried it out…

  1. Nilbert

    slick production values, but the same delusions peddled by the head-in-the-sand brigade.
    The entirely irrelevant abolitionist comparison was a novel trick. Haven’t seen that before, but it fits the pattern.
    The overall sense of victimhood combined with moral and intellectual superiority is jarring.

    The same tired old arguments dragged out by the same hopeless hacks.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      “The same tired old arguments dragged out by the same hopeless hacks.”

      So let’s look at your take on it. Can you post a link to it? Just so that we can go through it and point out any shortcomings.

      1. Micko

        Wouldn’t bother tbh

        Even the Journal crowd are coming around. A large amount of posters now are anti lockdown – a big change from earlier this year.

        1. E'Matty

          True Micko. Whilst some of the regular commenters on the Journal are even more zealous in their Covid hysteria than our own resident in house lockdowners here, there has been a noticeable shift on the Journal site with about half (slightly less maybe) now seriously questioning the entire gov/NPHET approach to this virus. Poor Conor will have nowhere to go at this rate!

        1. E'Matty

          I’m more of a Corbett Report man myself. I always took you for a Late Late Show kind of guy though…so in depth and detailed is your knowledge of geopolitics and global affairs.

  2. E'Matty

    The video quite rightly points to one aspect the lockdown zealots conveniently choose to ignore. They ignore completely that a radical restructuring of the global order is currently in play, and that this restructuring and the policies being imposed to “deal with Covid” all serve the financial interests of the very richest and most powerful people in the world, and are directly counter to the financial interests of the poorest in the world, and indeed in our own society. The wealth of the richest has ballooned since last March, with the likes of Gates, Bezos, Zuckerberg et al, all increasing their personal wealth by billions. From March to June 2020, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos saw his wealth rise by an estimated $48 billion. The founder of the video-conferencing platform Zoom grew his nest egg by over $2.5 billion, and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s net worth increased by $15.7 billion. When you add up the numbers, billionaires in the United States have increased their total net worth $637 billion during the COVID-19 pandemic to June alone. At the same time, more than 40 million Americans filed for unemployment during this period. Lockdown zealots never follow the money.

    The lockdown zealots are an unthinking mob who just follow voices of authority and cling to the majority for safety. They often see a majority opinion as being correct simply for being a majority opinion. The revere and worship what they call “experts”, a term they only apply to someone with expertise who is espousing views approved by the established order (for Covid, see the gov and NPHET). An equally (and often more) qualified and experienced “expert” in the field who deviates from the gov approved narrative, is dismissed as a quack or a charlatan. Anyone supporting that “expert” is to be sneered at and mocked.

    It is never the lockdown zealot types who change society for the better. They work to fit in with convention, never to challenge it. Their purpose is to provide stability in a system and preserve an order once established.

    Here’s a very good short film (11 mins) “The Jones Plantation” which shows how power manipulates those herd types to suppress and quash the dissenters and thinkers in society. Worth a watch. Every school child should be shown this.

    1. Cian

      Your point on billionaires is moot. Some companies do well in a particular year, others do badly. The major stockholders wealth goes up/down with the stock price.
      This year covid was the reason so the likes of Zoom and Amazon did well.
      Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Twitter prices continued to rise at the same rate as the previous few years so is unaffected.
      Lots and lots of companies stock crashed – airlines, hotels, entertainment – and their owners have seem massive drops in personal wealth.

      The richest people in the US tend to be linked to the tech mega-corporations which have been unaffected in 2020..

    2. ReproBertie

      “Lockdown zealots never follow the money.”
      You are confusing being in a position to take advantage of a situation with causing the situation. An Post and Fastway Couriers are busier than they’ve ever been. This doesn’t mean they invented the pandemic and worked behind the scenes to have a lockdown imposed.

      “It is never the lockdown zealot types who change society for the better.”
      One side effect of the lockdown has been more people working from home. This is being done on a scale that would have been unimaginable this time last year. Working from home means less time commuting, more time with family and more money spent locally. That is a change that will benefit society but paranoid conspiracy types are so afraid of change that they can never see the good in anything.

    3. v AKA Frilly Keane

      Well I do follow the money
      Yet I doubt I could be accused of being either an anti masker plandemican
      or a Lockdown Zealot

      Those Billionaires were Billionaires anyway
      Their wealth will always increase by multiples of millions n millions

      they’re aren’t like the everyday person, when they earn Billions p.a. their wealth will jump in Billions anyway,
      some years more than others
      Cause its not like they burn through their wages like the rest of us living on – say 55k pa

      A good year for most of us is a bitta tax back
      or a 5 number win on the lotto
      or a 50/1 E/W bet

      Or the exceptional event, like say a settlement or a bequest

      You’re simply not aligning like with like there MattiE
      and you are being unfair

      This whole lockdown
      From the start showed up inequality in all walks of life
      particularly within the Private Sector v Public Sector in all grades
      and in Industry – of all scales
      from the local owner manager Florist to the Meat Factory Barons

      Something else you need to consider when you’re posting labels like zealot and unthinking mob
      most people just want this over and are just going along –
      I would be one of those, and I resent being being referred to as a herd type
      my biggest criticism is the ineptness of our own Government & State decision making
      and the billions squandered
      And that we are subjected to the decisions made by people who have been 100% insulated from the impacts of shutdown

      IMO Ireland should have just opened everything up in July, and let us take our chances with it all
      They had 4.5 months to come up with a management plan. (Or more – since I reckon they knew what was coming when Leo went to the Áras to get a General Election and put himself between the Pandemic and and Acting Government)

      Just because I’m not following flags on the Quays
      Or drooling over the lasted video from a nutritionist or a youtuber
      Does not mean I have been manipulated or that I am running with the herd types to suppress and quash the dissenters
      nor does it mean that these dissenters are the only thinkers around
      And quite frankly – given the composition of most of that group locally anyway, that assertion is insulting

  3. Hector Rameriz

    There’s some amount of rubbish being posted on here in last 9 months. But this… this.. wow.

    Plus it’s rated a must watch by the engineer because it lumps him in with Elon Musk.

  4. v AKA Frilly Keane

    I kinda found that creepy
    and patronising

    But it was well produced, the script is sharp, and the music is nice
    So good luck to her, she made a decent effort in fairness
    There’s a paypal account going there under the links
    So I’m sure you’ve all stumped up

  5. SOQ

    I am not a fan of the tone of this thing but it does raise one interesting point- which is why lockdown sceptics do what they do- I can only speak for myself and my small contribution.

    Right from the start of this nonsense, the behaviour of authorities and media just did not make sense and when you point out the obvious- like no extra bodies- you are met with silence or scorn- you are defiantly not met with science.

    I genuinely believe that when the final bill for this malfeasance comes in, and by bill I mean health, fatalities as well as the economic carnage- that there will be people hauled before courts. Those who think otherwise simply do not comprehend the scale of damage being done- YET.

    But the tide is turning- albeit slowly. People asking what happens when this lockdown is over- another lockdown and another lockdown until every small and medium sized business which cannot survive with homeworking- has gone to the wall?

    Just look at the tone of the media where you may be ALLOWED to have a Christmas dinner with your friends and family- on your bike.

    This thing really has brought the authoritarian control freaks out of the woodwork- the people I despise most in the world- and them being left or right wing is in my mind, completely irrelevant.

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