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Over 300 Irish Yoga teachers and Yoga business owners have joined together to launch The Irish Federation of Yoga Teachers.

Helen O’Dwyer writes:

Saturday is the official launch of Irish Federation of Yoga Teachers and, on that day, there is a full day of free online classes from independent teachers and yoga studios nationwide.

It is open for all teachers nationwide to join for free.

IFYT’s members range from independent yoga teachers, studio owners and yoga event organisers, all whom understand yoga to be an important asset that supports mental, emotional & physical health.

Many studies confirm the mental & physical health benefits of Yoga so the Irish Federation of Yoga Teachers is seeking to have Yoga deemed as an essential service during Level 3 of Covid19 lockdown restrictions.

Register here

Irish Federation of Yoga Teachers

7 thoughts on “Essential Positions

  1. Clampers Outside

    Fair dues, let’s hope the bleedin’ government don’t make an asana out of this!
    I’ll roll me mat and leave now.

  2. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    “…all whom understand yoga to be an important asset that supports mental, emotional & physical health.”

    Isn’t there some sort of spiritual element to it too? A touch of ‘hocus pocus’?

    1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

      I recently started a zoom pregnancy yoga, and have to grudgingly admit it’s great although I check out before the meditation because experience has taught me it makes me furious, I need to be in motion to check out and relax, usually hit the spot after 10km,
      but the stretchy bits are good, I don’t think/hope they can’t see me rolling my eyes at the birthing godesses bits and as himself says it’s white people who made yoga I quote ” hippy dippy crap ” and some other less polite stuff about searching for purity ;) and he’s been doing it since he was a kid with his granny every morning….bendy fecker

        1. Brother Barnabas

          (also westerners who turned into a commodity… which is as contrary to the ethos as can be)

        2. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

          unfortunately had to knock the running on the head, I’ll spare you the gorey details, doing an hour and a half day walk and another half hour speed walk before bed and now the old yoga…wish I could get in a pool, eating all the veggies etc,
          really really miss it, it’s my favorite time of year to run and I’m not really myself without it, bit antsy little less stoic,
          but I have new wheels on a second hand running buggy ready to rock and roll all going to plan :)

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