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In fairness.


5 thoughts on “Heroic

  1. d

    seems like the album that got no.1 was for political reasons with the black lives matter movement.

    which dont get me wrong, is a good thing. but does that mean if politics didnt come into it, the fontanes dc album would have been no1. the best one.

  2. Micko

    Anyone else hear other Irish bands in some of the fontaines singles?

    ‘A Hero’s Death’ for example, I just hear A House, Sultans of Ping and Whipping Boy

    Not that it’s a bad thing – just a bit distracting.

    1. Hank

      There’s definitely quite a bit of Whipping Boy in what I’ve heard from the new album. It works though.

      1. Micko

        It does work.

        I mean we’re not talking Gretta Van Fleet levels of rip off here. ;)

        Let’s just say the influences are there – it’s probably just coz they’re all Irish bands, that I think it’s more pronounced.

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