The Two Presidents


This morning/afternoon.

Gettysburg, eh?

Trump is expected to join Giuliani at Pennsylvania GOP lawmakers’ voter fraud event (CNN)



Joe Biden will give a speech later today highlighting the challenges facing Americans as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches and the nation faces a surge in coronavirus infections and a wave of unpopular health restrictions.

The address is meant to encourage Americans and focus on the sacrifices they are making during the holiday season, his office said, as officials across the country plead with Americans to stay at home and avoid large gatherings that can spread Covid-19.


Last night.

Biden to address nation as Covid deaths rise sharply before Thanksgiving – live updates (The Guardian)


52 thoughts on “The Two Presidents

  1. george

    There’s Sydney Powell who is not part of Trump’s legal team according to Jenna Ellis. I wonder if she will be calling the ghost of Hugo Chávez as a witness.

    1. Junkface

      She’s a lawyer, working independently, with no clients. A lawyer needs clients! The clown car rolls on…

      Also, one of these judges could remove her working license if she officially declares voter fraud of up to 7 million votes in the courtroom, on the record. Its a serious claim.

      They say one thing to the media, and an entirely different thing to the judge in court.

  2. ACI Question

    That’s one (term) president and one president elect.

    Pennsylvania gig should be an amusing, it’s fun to be at the part of the process where we can point and laugh at the idiots chucking their money at obvious grifters and charlatans in a doomed attempt at forestalling reality.

    Hopefully they can keep the clown show running right up to Biden’s Inauguration, it’s been a rough year, we deserve a laugh at their victims expense.

  3. Nigel

    Putting it on the line here. Either her lawsuit won’t be filed, or it will be filed with no actual evidence of fraud. Roast me if I’m wrong.

    1. v AKA Frilly Keane

      We’ll have to wait and see
      She’s a practicing lawyer for about 40 years,
      Most of them in her own firm
      And that’s no joke, so needs to be taken seriously, and not be called a clown

      I’m pretty sure she knows what she needs to put in front of a Judge
      And what not to put in front of a Judge

      In a funny sorta way
      I’m actually rooting for her

      She has more balls than all the lads Trump, including himself, has around him
      and their 20k a day retainers
      plus all the Media needing something to say

      And d’ye know what
      If Hillary was still practicing herself
      and asked for 20k a day from the DNC/ Biden Campaign
      We’d never hear the end of it

      and ye all know it

        1. v AKA Frilly Keane

          What actions?

          she hasn’t signed off or lodged anything
          other than promise one – in Georgia

          She was seen on the Podium with the GOP boys
          and done a lot of talking, admittedly windy bag stuff
          But that’s it
          Oh and get dumped by Trump and the GOP boys

          Like I said
          Lets wait and see what she actually lodges in the Court Office
          then we’ll see if she actually does Walk her Talk

          1. ReproBertie

            She has given interviews to various networks where she claimed to have evidence of all sorts of ridiculous activities but has been unwilling to disclose even the smallest piece of that evidence. She has pushed the debunked conspiracy theory about severs being seized from a non-existent facility in Frankfurt, for example.

          2. v AKA Frilly Keane

            that’s called poo poo talk
            not actions

            she has promised an action in Georgia
            so lets see that

            if it comes to nathin’
            then she’s as big a spoofer as plenty others
            even around here

          3. george

            Giving an interviews is doing something. She is being judged on her actions and they are the actions of a clown.

            Her latest action is sending out a tweet which she claims should be considered a freedom of information request. The actions of a real top notch credible lawyer, no doubt. and yes sending a tweet is an action.

          4. v AKA Frilly Keane

            That lads around here would put so much stock in a tweet and other indulgent outpourings verbiage and unchallenged adoring interviews
            I’ve got evidence of a cover up …. rotten to the core ….
            from someone who is
            you know, alt white, all the way right, religiously devoted to f’knows, pro life, anti corruption, truth seeking, anti masking, politically ambitious


            ye’re gas sometimes
            ye really are

            ultimately, Sidney Powell is a member of a Profession
            that is highly regulated, supervised and governed
            let the Legal Profession test whether she is a clown or not
            Let the law decided on what evidence she has

            not lads on Broadsheet

          5. Rosette of Sirius

            As answered by others. My main gripe with her is, however, the 501c4 she set up to ‘fund’ her activities…. I imagine her ‘billables’ won’t come cheap. She’s just another chancer leveraging her new found national infamy to grift the Q-bots who’re hanging on her every crazy assertion. She’ll get people killed so she will.

          6. Rosette of Sirius

            Of course they do and some have. It’s dirty tho. Regardless. She set it up and she’s dirty.

          7. V AKA Frilly Keane

            I love how all of a sudden ye’ve objections to organised tax deductible cloudy self interest groups

            How is it there’s over 10500 registered Charities in Ireland
            Or tax free payments to Irish Politicans disguised as flat expenses
            Or Billions of Income exempt from corporation tax
            While ye were all watching

            Funny how ye’ve gotten all uptight about how they game the system in America

            And how a hard right Trump supporting conspiracy theorist anti corruption presidential blabber mouth is now considered a clown on Broadsheet

      1. Nigel

        I’d have more sympathy with your view if she wasn’t making such hyperbolic claims and wasn’t a verified Qanon supporter claiming to have access to vast amounts of conclusive evidence that the Trump Team do not (even though they, also, have claimed to have vast amounts of conclusive evidence.) Giuliani claimed in an interview that with her acting independently there was a sort of two-pronged strategy, which seems to boil down to ‘losing every case until we get to the Supreme Court which will magically declare Trump the winner.’

        1. v AKA Frilly Keane

          You know what

          it would be no harm to remind ourselves of one thing

          by her going solo – she doesn’t have to comply with campaign fundraising rules
          She can fund her practice / this case, what ever way she likes
          and only has to observe standard AML/ CTF rules
          and of course her own taxes & practice local Bar Association compliance codes etc

          Ultimately it is always about Money

          1. Nigel

            I expect all these lawyers trashing their professional reputations for Trump have their eyes on a lucratove future of right-wing MAGA punditry and legal crankery, so don’t worry, none of them will be hurting for money.

      2. Junkface

        Yep. Doesn’t matter if she is a woman. She has been a laughing stock in the courts. When Fox news asked to see her mountains of biblical evidence she asked them to not harass her! Ha ha!

        Moronic, deluded clowns are equally distributed among the sexes. She should be charged for wasting people’s time in court and undermining democracy. While all of this nonsense has been going on, causing delays to the transition process, thousands of people have died from covid 19. So she also has no conscience.

        1. v AKA Frilly Keane

          What Courts?

          Open to correction
          but as far as I know she hasn’t lodged any proceedings herself
          She hasn’t signed anything off – t’was all Rudi and the other Big Ticket Firms

          other than this promised one – in Georgia
          Which we will have to wait and see on

          Something’s not adding up lads
          If she’s doing this as a last hurrah on her legal career, and extracting a few bob from the Q Movement
          then we’ll know that soon enough too

          If she’s got nothing
          only talk
          then she will be professionally wiped out
          that might not seem like much as most of her career is now behind her
          but in ‘Merkica she can be financially wiped out too

          none of it is adding up

      3. george

        Of course you’re rooting for her. Almost all of your posts on the election are sympathetic to Trump.

        If she doesn’t want to be treated like a clown she should probably stop acting like a clown and saying things like “release the Kraken” or claiming the CIA colluded with communists to rig the election.

        1. v AKA Frilly Keane

          Hardly a Trump supporter George

          my posts and stuff
          should all indicate that I held very strong views about the entire election
          simply put – that Biden/ Trump 2020 was a pathetic race

          I have openly and regularly ridiculed both parties, and their candidates
          and made the point that all ‘Mericka could find to run were two white oul fellas

          More so the Democrats, in fairness, I accept that
          but it was well founded
          that they had three ish years to find a candidate, and all they could manage was Biden whose last election was in 2012
          In fairness Biden Harris collected 80+million votes
          I won’t deny them that
          But it was squeaky bum stuff, and their campaign gave Trump far too much advantage
          and allow him run far too close on the day

          ‘Merika, with all their USA USA USA talk
          Nobel Winners, World Record Holders, Oscar Winners, Pulitzers Peabodys and Patents
          Self made Billionaires on top of Self Made Billionaires
          many of them younger than me
          all they could find from their population to run for the White House, were Donald Trump and Joe Biden

          What the voters in the United States of America has to choose between for their President
          was pathetic

          I think I was pretty consistent
          Further criticism was the Dems attitude to voters
          particular what grew out of the Clinton Kaine Campaign in 2016
          when they go low we go high from their very own Whitehouse ffs
          telling America that if you aren’t on our side, you’re low – and not Equal to us
          deplorables and here yesterday
          trailer trash
          that is no way any political party, who is so strongly represented in all houses of democratic administration, and at levels, to address their constituents.

          If she doesn’t want to be treated like a clown she should probably stop acting like a clown and saying things like “release the Kraken” or claiming the CIA colluded with communists to rig the election.

          I’m not a Conspiracy Theorist, nor do I have any carry on with the locals sympathisers here,
          But I have no doubts the CIA and the NSA and whatever your having yourselves,
          are well used to all forms of collusion and election tampering

          1. Nigel

            The Democratic Party was not here yesterday calling anyone trailer trash. Again with the false equivalence, though. Your interpretation of the two quotes you refer to is ridiculously wrong.

          2. v AKA Frilly Keane

            I didn’t intend to imply the Dems said trailer trash
            apologies all
            An Anti Trump
            Biden voter posted that here yesterday

            However, I don’t accept I misconstrued Michelle Obama’s when they go low, we go high
            that immediately recognises that voters are not all equal

            and it was Hillary Clinton – albeit by taking the weewee out of something Trump said, but she was the Democratic Candidate for the White House when she called voters that vote for Trump deplorables

            the issue and my point remain the same
            as I said yesterday
            the hardcore rhetoric and name calling that is deliberately divisive is not helping
            either side

          3. paddy apathy

            Jays Frill’s, I mean this with the greatest respect but, 2020 has really got to you. You must be absolutely exhausted with your inside track on everything and your very very high professional standards and propriety.

          4. V AKA Frilly Keane

            What’s painful about it for ye?

            Letting a Judge decide whether this wan has something?

            Or that she’s squeezing a few bob out if it for herself?

            Btw, I won’t be dying on any hill Justine
            I wouldn’t engage the girl to witness my signature FFS

            But I do firmly believe the legal process, and the unfortunate Judge that has to hear this in Georgia
            And the legal profession itself + her PI underwriters
            Will decide whether Sidney Powell is a clown or not

            Not some lads off Broadsheet
            Of who, it must be said
            haven’t had the best record when vetting people with Presidential level notions

            For the record, while I admire her balls, this jaunt of her’s is less about the integrity of the election process
            And more about the business opportunity it presents

            And f’ me if that’s not what all the men in the same game aren’t at as well

            I’ll repeat this again
            If Hillary Clinton herself was still practicing
            And charging the DNC 20k a day
            We’d never hear the end of it
            Think about that lads
            And have a word with yerselves
            Cause ye’re natural born inherent sexism is start to show

    2. SOQ

      *gets the spit out*

      From a technical perspective it will be interesting to see what Powel has up her sleeve- I am pretty certain she has some dirt but whiter it is enough or not remains to be seen.

      She is a hard nosed lawyer after all and wouldn’t be putting her reputation on the line if it was just about cliff dive politics.

    1. johnny

      sandy hook,seth rich..

      “On May 16, a story was posted on the Fox News website on the investigation into the 2016 murder of DNC Staffer Seth Rich. The article was not initially subjected to the high degree of editorial scrutiny we require for all our reporting.”

      ….all this focus on evidence:)

      “Within weeks, however, Fox News hosts and guests were pursuing conspiracy theories centering on Clinton’s campaign, Democrats, and Rich as a tortured Bernie Sanders supporter who went rogue – none of which they could prove. Zimmerman’s story, which seemed to give heft to those claims, was posted online on May 16, 2017 and then discussed at length on Fox & Friends and shows led by Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs.”

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