Patty, Are You Bringing Weed In From Jamaica?


A nicely baked short by Matthew Salton – and all true for all you know. To wit:

In 1968 Patty was a flight attendant, who realised she could smuggle prime pot in from Jamaica with relative ease, given her line of work. She is 77 years old now, and this is her version of what happened.


3 thoughts on “Patty, Are You Bringing Weed In From Jamaica?

    1. Charger Salmons

      Who I only realised this week was involved with Richard Pryor.
      ” In her memoir, Grier described how her sexual relationship with Pryor caused cocaine to enter her system. During an appointment, she was informed that she had a “buildup of cocaine residue” around her cervix and vagina that her doctor called an “epidemic” in Beverly Hills. He asked her if Pryor might have put cocaine on his penis to sustain his erection; she was unsure.
      He then asked if her mouth went numb while performing oral sex on Pryor, and she said it did. The doctor linked it to the Novocaine-like effects of cocaine. Grier confronted Pryor about protecting her health, but he refused to use a condom.

      Great movie Jackie Brown.

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