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Yesterday: ‘Their PE Uniform Was Not Being Worn Properly’

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    1. Brother Barnabas

      it really is the nicest thing

      and now that we’re (mostly) not riding horses around the place, it makes more sense for men to wear skirts

      in hotter climes, I often wear skirts without underwear- nicest thing

        1. Brother Barnabas

          just try to remember you’re wearing it each time you sit down and cross your legs

          dangling knackers isnt the best look

          1. Janet, dreams of a steamed clootie

            just to be clear that is in response to a commando Brother B not a schoolchild…

    2. ian-oh

      Wore a kilt to my brothers wedding to a Scot in Glasgow. Wanting to be authentic I went commando. In Late January. In Glasgow.

      To much amusement of her family who were like ‘are ye mad lad, its weeing ice chips out there…..”

      I put on some shorts after that. Christ but I was cold, I smoked at the time so was out every 30 mins to an hour for a few hours before I brought it up and reckon my male bits were as far inside the body as they could possibly get.

      Never again.

  1. paul

    Are we getting the full story here? I’ve heard so many versions, some involving parents, some pupils and mixed timelines, it’s hard to know who I’m supposed to be sharpening the pitchfork for.

    1. scottser

      i still want to know whether the comments regarding ‘distracting the male teachers’ is true. then and only then will the internet feel the full vent of my wrath.

      1. paul

        that’s the part of the story that changes with every telling, I’ve not heard it pinned on any one staff member. The most recent version of the story was pupils (male and female) continuing to wear their PE gear to classes after PE (tracksuits, leggings, runners etc) in a school that has very strict rules on uniforms (right down to sock colour under trousers apparently). The principal made an announcement repeating the uniform code for the school, some pupils/parents felt that they were targeted and raised stink on Facebook. And Facebook did what is does best, help a story to grow, mutate and eventually reach the media.

        I’m sure the staff and pupils just want to get back to work and have this sorted out and, if there needs to be judgement/punishment, then it is meted out appropriately.

        1. dav

          The Version I heard was they have a PE Uniform – which includes tracksuit bottoms. With Covid there’s no changing in school to the students who have PE that day come to school in their PE Gear. It appears that some were coming in PE gear that was not the PE uniform (e.g. leggings). Now where things go downhill is in the communication of the rules to students and to only the female students

          1. paul

            communicating to only the female students in this regard is not a good look, no matter which way you cut it.

          2. dav

            completely agree, all they had to do was to give the message to All the students, not single out the girls, but they didn’t and now the teachers are being called paedos on twitter

        2. scottser

          ok, not changing out of PE gear is one thing, but where did the whole ‘distracting the male teachers’ thing come from?

          1. dav

            that’s the whole crux of it, either that or words to that effect were said by a dorm head to the students or the students interpreted what was being said to them and came up with that. If the rules had been communicated to both boys and girls at the same time we wouldn’t be here.

  2. Optimus Grime

    Oh this story really has grown legs. I think it was incredibly poor use of language to describe the male teachers as “distracted” as it immediately painted them as a bunch of weak minded pervs. Ultimately the statement created two sides – Young girls doing a bit of PE and male teachers. Only ever going to be one winner there. I don’t agree with the abuse and accusations leveled at the teachers here. Ultimately it rests with the Principal as he would have signed off on the letter.

    1. Cian

      You are 100% right if that happened.

      Have you see a copy of a letter signed by the principal that used the word “distracted”?

  3. Gabby

    Skirted boys should wear shapeless wooly tights instead of those thin stockinged nylon flimsies, if they want to avoid drawing attention to ugly hair on their legs. Thermal longjohns would be a fashion mismatch when wearing school skirts. Tartan kilts matching skirt colours and patterns might be fashion savvy.

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