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Trump  appears to row back peaceful transition claims (MailOnline)


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Dominion Voting Systems has responded to allegations in lawsuits from lawyer Sidney Powell challenging the US general election 2020 results in Georgia and Michigan and accusing the company of being part of “massive election fraud”.

The suits claim the software orginated in Vanezuala to help Hugo Chavez retain power and  “was accessed by agents acting on behalf of China and Iran in order to monitor and manipulate elections.”

Via Business Insider:

Dominion Voting Systems said the fact that it was founded in Canada is a matter of public record, and it denied any connection to Venezuela or Chávez.

It also said the manipulation Powell described was not possible — “not on a machine-by-machine basis, not by alleged hacking, not by manipulating software, and not by imagined ways of ‘sending’ votes to overseas locations.”

But even if it were possible, it would have been discovered in the statewide handcount of votes,” it said.


‘Dominion is not, and never has been, owned by Smartmatic. Neither has Smartmatic ever been a subsidiary of Dominion, as the complaint asserts. Dominion is an entirely separate company—they do not collaborate in any way and have no affiliate relationships or financial ties. Dominion does not use Smartmatic. These are all facts verifiable in the public record as well as in regulatory and legal filings.’


Dominion Voting Systems tore into Sidney Powell’s lawsuit accusing it of a vast conspiracy, calling it ‘baseless, senseless, physically impossible’ (Business Insider)

Statement From Dominion On Sidney Powell’s Charges (Dominion Voting Systems)

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