The 78-year-old Democrat slipped while playing with his German Shepherd, Major, on Saturday and visited an orthopedist in Delaware for an examination on Sunday afternoon.

While initial X-rays showed “no obvious fracture,” a subsequent CT scan “confirmed hairline (small) fractures of President-elect Biden’s lateral and intermediate cuneiform bones, which are in the mid-foot,” according to a statement from his doctor Kevin O’Connor.

The president-elect could be seen limping as he left the doctor’s office to head to an imaging center for the CT scan, though he walked without a crutch or other help.

Joe Biden fractures foot, needs walking boot (New York Post)

Pic: NBC





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24 thoughts on “Another Twist

    1. dav

      In fairness Biden wished him well when he had the Corna. He’s probably angling for clemency after he leaves office.

        1. paddy apathy

          Resigning, letting Pence become prez and then Prez Pence pardons him. Needs to do it soon if it’s going to happen.

  1. Nigel

    Bit weird that you didn’t mention that the emergency order was lifted and the case dismissed an hour later, Bodge.

    1. Bodger

      Because last night the judge went back and issued a restraining order for 10 days against the destruction of evidence. Life moves pretty fast, Nigel.

      1. Nigel

        Oh, did they actually get the defendants right? Only took them two goes? The Kraken is over the target! Maybe! This means you didn’t leave out half the story, you left out three-quarters of the story.

        1. Tony

          Hang on now Nigel. I think you’re forgetting ‘hmm’ and also ‘gulp’ .

          Don’t make Bodger break out the ‘oh’ ;)

  2. Johnny Keenan

    That’s what you get for jogging or letting on to jog.

    On the point of jogging.
    Can joggers use a field, a race track or their own garden to jog around.
    I take my dog Jinx for his constitutional twice a day and no matter what route I take joggers are spluttering coughing sweating sneezing and heavy breathing all around me.

    It’s bizarre, to say the least.

  3. Mé Féin

    The 78-year-old Democrat slipped while playing with his German Shepherd… I know you didn’t write that Broadsheet, but shouldn’t it be “the 78-year-old president-elect”?

    And thanks for the conspiracy Tweets. Really adds a lot.

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