The Grand Canal at Lullymore Terrace, Dublin 8 last Summer (top) and now (above)

Is this your bicycle?

Harry Warren writes:

Apologies in advance for implying that Broadsheet readers would convey themselves around Dublin on a bicycle, but did anyone perhaps have a heavy party night some months ago and forgot where they left their bike?

This biologically propelled device is parked for months beside the allotments along the Grand Canal at Lullymore Terrace, Dublin 8.

I photographed the top picture last Summer and promptly forgot about it, note the bicycle has a rather tasteful floral camouflage with just a portion of the handlebars visible The bottom picture was photographed more recently, note the bicycle is now quite visible.


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3 thoughts on “Where You Left It

  1. Clampers Outside

    Twist shift handle bar gears and coil spring suspension… probably weighs a ton.

    Sure who’d want that? And locked to a wooden fence with a cable lock.
    No one wants that, clearly… the canal would spit it out on the bank! :)

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