5 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

    1. goldenbrown

      tis very beautiful

      Bullitt drove a stock GT390 Fastback…that shelby one looks a lot fancier, heading towards like Elanor

      the original fastback driven by McQueen in that famous 10 minute chase scene has a really sweet story behind it tho…

      the first owner (a fella called Robert Kiernan) after the movie had spotted it in some trade mag for $6k and bought it….laughably he was the only one who called up and asked about the car?! Bullitt was mentioned in the ad but wasn’t even spelt right. Kiernan bought it as a daily driver for his wife and they had major hassles getting it on the road as loads was wrong with the car and that fab exhaust wouldn’t pass the emissions even back then (1970’s). McQueen reportedly tried to get the car back off Kiernan but was flatly refused, lol….but the story goes only cos yer man liked the car for what it was and wanted to run it, not out of some greedy collector notions or logic. but when the Internet became along and the car started to get a lot of unwanted attention the Kiernan’s had to hide the car away. when Robert died the son took it out of hiding. the car sold for something like $3 million odd recently (I don’t think I’d have ever sold it myself)

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