We Only Have To Be Sorry Once


Sinn Féin TD Brian Stanley TD addressed the Public Accounts Committee, which he chairs. and apologised for his tweet about the Kilmichael and Warrenpoint attacks

This afternoon.

Yesterday: Ambushed


59 thoughts on “We Only Have To Be Sorry Once

    1. Dr.Fart

      you should straighten up your para beret while making remarks like that. haha. the likes of you and varadkar down on Killiney beach licking your lips at the prospect of the Brits coming back.

  1. Toby

    Comprehensive and fulsome. Now I hope everyone can calm down. Lets hope we are not judged as harshly.

  2. Gabby

    Tweeting is such a dangerous form of communication, especially if you are in politics, the church or multinational business. Instant comment instantly sent into cyberspace with little aforethought. In the old days when people actually wrote Letters to the Editor for publication there was delay in the selection of thoughts and the words used to express them. There was a delay in walking to a postbox, during which second thoughts could motivate better judgement. Then the letter had to be read in a newspaper office; it could be edited for grammar, punctuation and concision – and the curtailment of libel – until the letter appeared in print. IMHO individuals in positions of high responsibility should never tweet.

  3. Retroboy

    Sinn Fein should just own up. They request resignations from other parties for lessor sins, but then when it comes to their own self-rightous sins, they cop out.They lose votes with this poo every time.

  4. Sure Jaysus You Know Yourself

    How in the fup can this tramp be allowed hold any form of public office after this! Its embarrassing for us as nation. It must surely make any flip flopper voters out there question their own integrity to continue supporting these utterly disgusting individuals. Makes FF & FG getting into bed together all the more pertinent when you think what could have been! Just imagine giving this bunch the keys to he castle. A frightening prospect . Utter gene pool scutter to use such offensive language (from a position of national importance) in this day and age.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      “How in the fup can this tramp be allowed hold any form of public office after this!” you say? What’s that referring to? Varadkar gifting a confidential state document to his buddy?

      1. Sure Jaysus You Know Yourself

        Don’t deflect. Don’t even try. ” And what about —– inserts any aul cobblers —- that so in so did way back when” Rubbish, that’s what that is. Its what he did. He did something despicable. You’re actually trying to justify it. Disgusting. And anyway there’s not even a (rational) comparison. Comparing killing people with clerical misgivings! What’s wrong with you people! His comments were class 1 scumbaggery. Why are you even attempting to deflect! Support your cause, go ahead. Singing rebel songs, supporting known murderers and justifying bank robberies might sit well with you! Not me. Not most of us. Don’t even attempt ,though, to justify this low life act by making some limp comparison of no relevance whatsoever. What a populist, lazy & archetypal SF tactic. That’s just blinkered stupidity. Now go back to dropping irrelevant leaflets through peoples letterboxes .

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Many assumptions.

          Odd that you appear on this item, yet no sign of you when the Confidential State document / Varadkar items were hot. What are clerical misgivings?

          1. Bitnboxy

            Oi, you two – spare us the Shinner versus Gaeler toxic war of words: we are already over it. You two goons desperately need and feed off each other more than you both care to admit. Both assiduously feeding the idea of the other as the bogeyman to rally your base. Get a room and give our heads some peace.

          1. Retroboy

            Bottomhole. That is the type of ignorance that typifies the BNP etc. Just cause you are white/Irish doesn’t mean you are superior. Just the the same as those British/White bottomholes.

          2. Toby

            No need to be racist Boy. Whites are ok too. The BNP are racist Brits. They disgust me, like all British imperialists who celebrate conquer and enslavement. I admire freedom fighters who beat them. Simple

    2. goldenbrown

      No need to imagine giving the FFG bunch the keys to the castle anyway Sure Jaysus You Know Yourself…because nobody else has had access to them since the formation of the state.

      Sounds like you’re very easily offended.

      I personally would view a continued uninterrupted Conservative FFG policy diet a frightening prospect for any of the kids growing up in Ireland today, certainly few of them will ever own their own home.

      Utter gene pool scutter as you say….to leak secret documents to your mates, mishandle our tax money in ever escalating amounts, peddle barefaced lies in your manifesto Every. Single. General. Election. perpetrate scandals which are getting exposed now nearly every month that goes by Health thru Justice, yadda yadda.

      I personally don’t care about this fools stupid tweets.

      They barely register 0.1 on the Richter Scale compared to the FFG cartel’s hall of fame achievements during 100+ years in Govt.

      (I’m Soc Dem)

      1. Sure Jaysus You Know Yourself

        “Sounds like you’re very easily offended”

        More easily embarrassed. Not hard when we have quality international exposure like that. Honestly, SF a political party! More Freak Show that people should be charged admittance to see.

    3. Toby

      he can hold a public office, because he was elected. You weren’t. Im not embarrassed, and I doubt if you are either. Why would you be. You live in a country that defeated empire. If that embarrasses you, sling your hook and move over to your sick enslavers. They embarrass me. Your attitude embarrasses me. You ought to be ashamed of your nonsense outburst- im sure you are.

  5. Conksi

    that was, in fairness, surprisingly succinct and eloquent.
    Better than the ususal ‘me tweet-machine was hacked’ line

    1. Shitferbrains

      But who was it aimed at ? Not the people who SF are claiming to be reaching out to that’s for sure.

  6. Charger Salmons

    Such a shame political discourse on here is characterised by insults and abuse.
    And much of it invariably originates from Ra-heads and barstoolers.
    They make pond life look intelligent.
    You see, they even got me at it now.
    I say,what ?

    1. Toby

      When you rape, enslave, invade, colonise, imprison, murder people- you don’t get political discourse. You lose the right to that.

      No better feeling than sitting on a bar stool in a Republic you won back from an Empire, while shaming them in front of the world.

      1. Sure Jaysus You Know Yourself

        When you sexually abuse, kidnap, murder, hijack , prison break, launder diesel- you don’t get political discourse. You lose the right to that.

        1. Toby

          You don’t get to tell us anything any more. Sorry. We beat you, you’re over. Now take your skanky tail, shove it between your legs and complete your walk of shame Shoneen.

  7. BS

    until former and wannabe IRA members are out of sinn fein i will never vote for them. they will remain the part for the working class plastic republicans

          1. Retroboy

            Go on. I dare you. I was beaten up by ladyparts like you because my mum was British, even though she married an Irish man. You are a racist.

  8. Rosette of Sirius

    Crikey, just read this comment thread now and what a wild read. I always get a bit of a giggle at all the new posters that pop up and in when the ‘Ra are on the block…..

    1. Retroboy

      I know. Just remembering the black-bunting around the village, during the hunger-strike, like a black-carnival.
      Guess that some people want peace, and others just want war. Toby

  9. Hector Rameriz

    It’s one thing apologising for saying it, but you know it hasn’t changed his opinion one jot. Too many like that in Sinn Fein and while there is, they won’t have my vote.

  10. Gavin

    I love all the moral outrage….”How can this man hold office…splutter, splutter, splutter”. It’s ridiculous, there is no moral high ground any more in politics, the public (or anyone with a brain) dont belive a word that comes out of polticans mounths, it’s all oppurtunisitc rubbish from both sides. rubbish they would happily invert and stand on the otherside of if they thought it oud get them mor evotes. It was an insentive comment but factually accurate…move on.

  11. ian-oh

    Well this thread is all sweetness and light, isn’t it.

    *Backs out the door slowly without turning around……*

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