Not All Heroes Get Paid


This morning.

More as we get it.

‘End the exploitation’ – Student nurses’ pay petition gets 20,000 signatures (BreakingNews)

15 thoughts on “Not All Heroes Get Paid

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Michilín: ‘Hey Leo, what do you think?’
    Leo: ‘Sure we will start standing outside again and clap them. That’s enough’

    1. Joe

      Leo’s reply?
      “Look over there…Sinn Fein/IRA! Quick hit the No button! ” then all his obedient little lickspittles hit No whilst waving two fingers to the nurses.

      I have emailed all of my local TD’S instructing them to support paying them.

  2. johnny

    i just leave this here..oh my.
    “In my haste to get to the Convention Centre from the Dáil on Thursday evening I forgot to bring a shirt. It was either go cycling top or not speak at all. I chose to speak about a very important matter. That’s what matters, not what you happen to wear. Up the Reds!!”

    Hi Gino,this is Canopy yeah,yeah largest cannabis company in world looking invest 100 million in Irl…ya wha ..Up the…

        1. Brother Barnabas


          yeah, like when did PBP or RBB ever give a monkeys about low paid, underpaid or unpaid workers? just hopping on the bandwagon. it’s such a sham, isn’t it, johnny?

          1. Johnny

            What the hell are you talking about.
            Get my pretty little name out your mouth,bro.

            Ps-I am not your friend,how’s the landlord game treating you – or are you and charger still stock pickers extraordinaire?

          2. Brother Barnabas

            but what about his “very important daddy” and “prestigious second level education “?

          3. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            don’t worry that was mild, Bodger has publicly popped in to tell him to reign in misogyny and aggressivity before,
            I blame the weed, ;)
            Scarlet for him.

          4. Charger Salmons

            I don’t know about stock-picker extraordinaire but I’ve had a hell of a run on EZJ in the past month.
            Kerching baby.

        2. millie loves leather

          Did you not read the post? This is about nursing students being paid for the hard work and long hours they do. Not sure exactly what Gino being inadequately dressed for an entirely unrelated matter has to do with that.

  3. johnny

    gwan UP THE
    100 million inward investment per facility.
    100’s new high paying green jobs in modern green industry,I Billion domestic market.,
    Since Gino,assumed control over cannabis in Irl-ZERO NADA ZILCH INVESTMENT.

    “Elsewhere in Europe, companies have invested in cannabis farms and processing facilities in countries including Denmark, Spain, Portugal and Germany.”

    …deep dive into a state smaller than Irl,all since Ginos scribble on the back pack Rizzla’s, medical cannabis bill.

    “Oklahoma is now the biggest medical marijuana market in the country on a per capita basis. More than 360,000 Oklahomans—nearly 10 percent of the state’s population—have acquired medical marijuana cards over the last two years. By comparison, New Mexico has the country’s second most popular program, with about 5 percent of state residents obtaining medical cards. Last month, sales since 2018 surpassed $1 billion.”

    yeah,im here for the housewife’s and mums in Meath !

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