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March 26, 2020


Last night

Yesterday evening.

A motion supported by Solidarity PBP, The Social Democrats, Sinn Féin, Labour and all Independent TDs to reinstate the same rate of pay that student nurses and midwives were given at the start of the pandemic was defeated by 77 votes to 72. Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael and the Green Party all voted against the plan.

When the payment was first announced, Mr Harris said:

“This is an offer and not an obligation. But I know so many of our student nurses want to play their role as we navigate our way through these difficult times.”

Student nurses will be paid during Covid-19 crisis (RTÉ, March 26)

Dáil vote against paying Student Nurses and Midwives (Buzz.ie)

36 thoughts on “But Simon Said

  1. johnny

    who’s Solidarity PBP,going use next,sick kids that need medicine…

    “In 1973, Jan Erik Olsson walked into a small bank in Stockholm, Sweden, brandishing a gun, wounding a police officer, and taking three women and one man hostage. During negotiations, Olsson demanded money, a getaway vehicle, and that his friend Clark Olofsson, a man with a long criminal history, be brought to the bank.
    The police allowed Olofsson to join his friend and together they held the four hostages captive in a bank vault for six days. During their captivity, the hostages at times were attached to snare traps around their necks, likely to kill them in the event that the police attempted to storm the bank. The hostages grew increasingly afraid and hostile toward the authorities trying to win their release and even actively resisted various rescue attempts. Afterward they refused to testify against their captors, and several continued to stay in contact with the hostage takers, who were sent to prison. Their resistance to outside help and their loyalty toward their captors was puzzling, and psychologists began to study the phenomenon in this and other hostage situations. The expression of positive feelings toward the captor and negative feelings toward those on the outside trying to win their release became known as Stockholm syndrome.”

    1. Brother Barnabas

      it’s been apparent for some time that you have potential – and I never stopped believing youd get there one day – and today you have: you’ve just reached peak fupping stupidity

      of all your pointless cut-and-paste contributions, that’s the most inane

      1. Micko

        I think it’s quite an interesting analogy Johnny. A lot of folks right now wouldn’t pee unless the government said so.

        @Brother – Stop being a bully and calling people’s posts stupid.

        If you think so many people on BS are stupid and wrong – then why are you here every single day?

        Is it just to fluff up your ego that you’re SOOOO much smarter and better than everyone?

        If you have a constructive comment or argument to make against Johnny or anyone else – then make it or you could just ignore their posts.

          1. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            Micko in fairness to the brother you must have missed a lot of Johnny’s previous nastiness towards Barabbas, it’s not really out of the blue.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            what’s worse, mick – calling someone’s posts stupid or deliberately spreading misinformation?

            yeah, I’m guilty of the first but you’re guilty of the second

            (as for johnny, different thing altogether )

          3. Micko

            That’s fine Janet. I don’t know of any history.

            But today I’ve already been called a Ratlicker by Daisy and Bisted.

            And now stupid by Brother

            Plus, my comments are now moderated

            It’s not on.

          4. Janet, dreams of an alternate universe

            I’m not a fan of the rat lickers nonsense or calling anyone names tbh

          5. Brother Barnabas

            well one that comes to mind is that there are planes full of american tourists arriving into Dublin airport every day all day – and that the airport is packed with Americans “as far as the eye can see”

            it was a point you made explicitly to support an assertion that lockdown/social distancing etc was all a load of nonsense, meaningless optics to keep the little people in line

            it was pointed out – by several commenters – that it simply wasnt true as proven by passenger numbers

          6. Micko


            You’re still on about that from weeks ago. You’re like a broken record.

            I retold something that my next door neighbour who works in the airport as ground crew told me and then provided you with an article that said the same.

            Here it is again https://www.dublinlive.ie/news/dublin-news/dublin-airport-coronavirus-tourists-ireland-19093464

            What’s the issue? Also the “far as the eye can see” was not meant to be taken literally. * Which I’ve already explained twice to you.

            That’s it – that’s your misinformation? That’s a joke.

            What else ya got – coz that’s me retelling a story that I was told. I didn’t realise that was misinformation. WTF?

          7. Brother Barnabas

            yeah, micko, blatant misinformation

            and the same link again- presented with an “OMG Look at the People Arriving In” commentary at the time from you – without any context (context being that the numbers are down around 95% on other years)

            typical manipulation, selective presentation, devoid of context that’s being used by the same small number of commenters on this site – all of whom, with the notable exception of SOQ, get their knickers in a twist when they’re challenged

          8. Micko

            Hmmm… so nothing else then. Ok

            Not really sure what you’re getting at tbh. So, are you saying I’m a liar?

            My neighbour did tell me that. Is he a liar? You’re very confusing. You seem to think there’s some grand conspiracy to spread misinformation that I’m involved in.

            I mean you’re just some lad on the internet, I don’t really know why you think I’d make it up. I mean of course I’m going to believe my neighbour over you. He works at the actual airport. Why would he lie to me?

            In fact, I thought we had put this to bed weeks ago, you’re dragging it up again.

            I guess we’ll just agree to disagree.

            Oh, but anyway – stop calling people stupid yeah – Agreed?

          9. Brother Barnabas

            “so nothing else then”

            no shortage of them, actually, micko – I’m not going to trawl through the comments for more examples, but didnt you also say once that every time you go into a shop you ask the shopkeeper what he thinks and every one has shrews

          10. Brother Barnabas

            *incomplete comment there obv, but cant be bothered redoing*

            here’s what I’ll agree- stop making stupid comments and I’ll stop calling them stupid

          11. Micko

            Yeah, sounds like what you’re actually saying is that you don’t agree or like with the things some people say.

            That doesn’t make them wrong or guilty of spreading misinformation or even stupid.

            Why are you so sure you’re correct about everything?

          12. Brother Barnabas

            no, not at all: keen to hear and consider all opinions and viewpoints – just prefer that they not be based on made-up hearsay

            people with an agenda being selective with the truth have had a free rein on BS for ages now

            dont be one of those – be Opinion Micko, not Misinfo Micko

          13. Micko

            “ people with an agenda being selective with the truth”

            Look we’re just going to have to disagree here.

            Clearly, we both can’t be right as we have opposing viewpoints on so many subjects.

            For every point that you and others make here, someone else with make the opposite argument.
            Let’s take Mask vs Anti mask for example

            Both parties have articles and opinion pieces with evidence to back it up. So both believes they are in the right.

            I’m willing to admit that I may be wrong about a lot of things I post here, including that subject. I am not an expert.

            Are you willing to do the same? Or do you believe that you are 100% correct on that?

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      a ‘myth invented to discredit women victims of violence by a psychiatrist with an obvious conflict of interest, whose first instinct was to silence the woman questioning his authority”.

      Bejerot “never spoke to the woman he based it on; never bothered to ask her why she trusted her captors more than the authorities,” as per the book.

        1. ReproBertie

          I believe Criminal podcast did an episode on that robbery in Stockholm. Well worth a listen. It includes interviews with at least one of the hostages.

      1. f_lawless

        Say wha..?

        Those taken hostage in the bank weren’t solely women. The bond they all formed with their captors was a psychological coping mechanism.


        “When he treated us well,” said lone male hostage Sven Safstrom, “we could think of him as an emergency God.”..

        ..After Olsson threatened to shoot Safstrom in the leg to shake up the police, the hostage recounted to The New Yorker, “How kind I thought he was for saying it was just my leg he would shoot.”

  2. Gavin Predergast

    remember recently Harris said we should all get along, and not embrace politics of division like in the US? Well ya see.. when ya do stuff like this .. ALL the time .. people are going to be fed up, hurt, distrusting. So if you want people to be nice to you, Harris, then stop lying so much and making life unfair and difficult for people.

    1. Dr.Fart

      damn I forgot I was logged in as my joke account when I wrote that. anyway .. well said, Gavin! good luck getting your cards back!

  3. v AKA Frilly Keane

    you know the day will come
    and it will be within the next ten years
    if not five years
    so most of us here will – hopefully
    still be about to remember this

    There will be a campaign to try and convince student nurses to stay within the Irish Health Service
    and a campaign to make nursing an attractive option for school leavers
    all with significant financial incentives

    What’s going on with Nursing and Nurse Training and Speciality / Clinical Training is driving people out of the job and suffocating any further interest in it as a career option

    Open to correction – or something more current for accuracy etc
    but in my day circa 70% of manpower compliments in General Hospitals was Nursing
    and in tertiary centres ie maternities, 80%

    They can throw as many billions as they like into building new hospitals
    but without Nurses they will never function

    Without regenerating such an important sector of our healthcare workforce
    we will never have a functionable Public Health Service

    I can see the arguments straight away now – saying
    That’s the Plan

    and I can see that myself
    But then ask yourselves
    why should we watch them pump billions into the ground there in Rialto / Dolphins Barn

        1. V AKA Frilly Keane

          What are they making of the run up to the All Ireland there.

          Any craic out’ve them?

          If ye’re on there at all, tell them Mairegangaire says
          Don’t Stop Believing .·´¯`(>▂<)´¯`·.

  4. goldenbrown

    NEW (old™) POLITICS

    and then we’ll vote for them all over again lol

    we never ever ever learn, do we?

  5. Aine

    Why are student nurses different to other professions that don’t get paid during their training. Student physio’s, student doctors, student radiographers, don’t get paid during their placements either.

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