Do You Know Gavin Prendergast?


This morning.

Arron writes:

I found this at the bottom of Grafton Street (where Molly Malone used to be) – or is that the top of Grafton Street. You decide! Also found his bank card. I can arrange delivery to Gavin if he comes forward…


22 thoughts on “Do You Know Gavin Prendergast?

      1. ce

        Yeah the GDPR police are going to have to go and immediately execute all involved, which is of course too good for them!

        1. SOQ

          Take them out into the car park and give them a good whipping.

          Or if they are into that sort of thing- just a stern talking to.

  1. spud

    Drop the ID and card into the branch of whatever bank it is.
    They’ll have his contact details and will get in touch.

    Well done for finding it and trying to get it back to him.

  2. Jockey

    With a few clicks I found out all about Gavin Prendergast. His school, his current job, his employment history. I even saw the conversation of the person who found his card contacting him to arrange its return. The internet is mad.

  3. Gavin Predergast

    ah there it is! thank god!!! screwed without them .. how can I get them back?? thank you !!

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