You May Remember This


The Revenants – Scott Miller Said

Continuing our series of underrated Irish music since 1960, we salute Dublin guitar gods The Revenants who rocked the joint in the 1990s.

Led by Stephen Ryan (top left today), formerly of The Stars Of Heaven and currently of The Drays, this stream-of-consciousness meditation on life, death and fat white geese begins with the singer taking a leisurely stroll while listening to cult indie icon Scott Miller (Game Theory and The Loud Family) on his Walkman.

It’s still breathtaking after all these years.

“Still we’ll have time enough to remember the ones who leave
Though they hardly care to go
To the garden, the garden of moraine
Under the cedar tree.”

The hanging guitar chords come courtesy of Conor Brady with the line-up completed by Ryan (vocals and guitar), Don Ryan (keyboards), Naeem Bismillah (bass) and Chris Heaney (drums).

The song appeared on the Revenants’ second album Septober Nowonder in 1999.

Nick says: Miller time.

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