Professor Brian MacCraith, chair of the Vaccine task force

This afternoon.

The task force, chaired by Professor Brian MacCraith, has been considering the deployment and administration of Covid vaccines.

The large-scale logistical operation will kick in early next year once vaccines have been approved by the European Medicines Agency.

GPs and pharmacists are likely to be involved in immunisations but mass vaccination clinics may also be required.

Nine ultra-low temperature freezer lorries have arrived in the country to assist in the rollout.

Vaccines will be free to everyone, and the taskforce is likely to recommend how records will be maintained.

The Government is also working on a communications plan to deal with people’s concerns and to combat misinformation


Taoiseach expecting vaccine ‘build up’ in early 2021 (RTÉ)


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4 thoughts on “Poke Mahone

  1. Joe

    Excellent that we will have a firewall to protect our vulnerable loved ones and finally eradicate this pestilence as science did previously for polio etc

    The EU delay is a disgrace in approving this vaccine. Our British chums after making a hames of lockdows and contact tracing resulting in needless deaths, at least had the good sense to instigate rolling updates so they could sanction the emergency use of the vaccine earlier than the EU this saving lives.

    I don’t look forward to the screw up FFFGGP will undoubtedly make of the rollout

  2. eoin

    ‘The Government is also working on a communications plan to deal with people’s concerns and to combat misinformation…’

    Should have thought of that before they gave Pfizer a get out of jail card if the injure anyone. I’ve a feeling ‘combat misinformation’ means silencing any dissenting voices.

  3. Just Sayin

    So this virus is super dangerous and super infectious.

    However you can’t tell if you have it without getting a test.

    The “scientists” tell us that we can’t reach herd immunity by being infected by the real virus.

    But we can get herd immunity by being injected with an artificial version of the virus.

    If one route works, then why doesn’t the other?

    Is it because the pharma companies who pay the “scientists” only make money via one of the routes???

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