11 thoughts on “Like There’s No Tomorrow

  1. Rosette of Sirius

    Well Woolworths still there and they closed in ’84. I’d hazard a guess at ’77 or ’78….

  2. Paulus

    Woolworths on left must put this mid 70s? Surely some Dubs here will remember when it closed.
    I don’t remember Woolworths there by 1978/9.

    1. alickdouglas

      I do remember it being there in the early 1980s alright. My mother never approved of it for some reason, so rarely went. I suspect Rosette is about right with 1984 being latest possible. Fashion looks 1970s ish though. Are those guards at the front, or are they something else? Didn’t the guards move to blue uniforms in the 1980s from black? Might be my imagination…

  3. Brother Barnabas

    a friend of mine moved from london to dublin in 1975. remarked once that, walking through the crowds on grafton street, you could smell the virginity, all the rigidness and frustration. you can kind of see it in that photo.

  4. Just Sayin

    The Pillar sign on the right says ‘closing down sale’,
    could be ‘Pillar House Jewellers’.
    Maybe a good clue if any has any details on it.

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