Your Greatest Hits


‘Desert Island Golden Discs’.

A playlist of the 2020 winners of my weekly Golden Discs voucher competition.

Compiled by Andy Pikin, who writes:

The Broadsheet community came up with thousands of brilliant suggestions, resulting in a brilliant playlist ever week. With some of the results more controversial then the US election.

So enjoy 2020’s playlist of the winners…

An incredible diverse and eclectic mixture of music, but brilliant at the same time.

A playlist that amazingly enough only has one artist getting two songs on the list, the brilliant Townes Van Zandt!

Thanks to too everyone who contributes every week, I’ve learned a lot of new/old music and some brilliant videos. I remember someone saying it’s like been in the pub on a Friday with your mates talking about music, and that’s exactly how I feel!

Thank You Nick! And Thank you Golden Discs for their continued support for Irish artists and this competition!! And thank you all.

Thank you, Andy!

The voucher competition will return next week.

Desert Island Golden Dics

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15 thoughts on “Your Greatest Hits

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Thanks for compiling this Andy. Three solid hours of music to keep us all going of a Friday.

  2. Charger Salmons

    Great work Andy.
    One of the highlights of BS because it generates plenty of noise but all positive.
    You deserve a marvellous.

  3. millie bobby brownie

    Grooving around the house to it at this very moment! Cheers Andy, you absolute diamond x

  4. Slightly Bemused

    Ooh! This is great, thanks Andy. Looks like I got my internet back just in time. I have a horrible job I need to do this afternoon, but now I will be doing it to some great music :-)

  5. Andy Pipkin

    Thank you for your kind words, but you are all the creators of theses brilliant playlist every week!!

    I look forward to hearing loads of new gems this year!

  6. SOQ

    Strong is only number 32- this result was clearly manipulated data on Italian servers controlled by the Vatican.

  7. Papi

    This is why this place is awesome. Nick, you’re a mensch.
    This is a good thing. We need good things.

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