Sure Where Would You Get It?

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Grand Canal at Baggott Street Harold’s Cross Bridge, Dublin 2 6.

Harry Warren writes:

I note that Broadsheet has had two night-time photos of the canal in the last few days.

Would you like to go for the hat-trick?

9 thoughts on “Sure Where Would You Get It?

    1. Harry

      Folks that is Emmet Bridge indeed and like all good Dub’s, popularly known by every one as Harold’s Cross Bridge.
      A nice thing about Broadsheet is how swiftly the editors correct mistakes pointed out by their reader’s unlike lesser known digital rags like The Jourπ∆[ or whatever it’s called :)

    2. Brother Barnabas

      or Robert Emmet Bridge even, to give it its full and proper title

      (also where the ghost bike, which featured a couple of times on BS, was located in memory of the cyclist killed there around 10 years ago. DCC removed it, apparently)

    1. Harry

      The swans migrated from Portobello bridge due to the canal at that end solidly icing over, if you look at the water you can see lumps of ice in it. I’m happy to report the birds are well insulated and were happily paddling in the portion of the canal that was liquid at the time the photo was taken :)


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