Alex Gough – That’s My Job

Golf and hip-hop are two things that don’t usually go together. So welcome to the world of Alex Gough.

The 21-year-old drummer, rapper and producer rose to prominence after his song ‘Dear SJ’ featured in the TV series “Normal People’.

Now he’s back with a song written and recorded during the first lockdown and mixed in Los Angeles by Nate Burgess. The video is directed by Debbie Scanlan.

Alex headlines The Grand Social, Dublin, on May 29.

Alex says:

“You can’t constantly look after everyone else without looking after yourself first. That is “That’s My Job” in a nutshell right there.”

Nick says: A hole in one.

Alex Gough

5 thoughts on “You May Like This

    1. millie bobby brownie

      I just had Ticketmaster email me to postpone an event I bought tickets for almost 15 months ago for the fourth time. Sigh.

      I really do miss live music.


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