24 thoughts on “Sunday’s Papers

  1. jungleman

    The Sunday Express.. what a parody. They’ve got the full English there: anti-EU, some dribble about the royals, a bit about kicking out the foreigners, and last but not least, muh freedoms!!

  2. Praetorian

    ‘Varadker death threats credible’….utter tosh from the Sindo…deflection…Smoothie girl must’ve sent him a text.

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      Poor Leo! Death threats on top of his potential legal woes? Maybe “Avril Levigne” is back to finish the job she started when she milkshaked (milkshook?) him. And how dare cynics suggest it’s a distraction/sympathy ploy!

      He just can’t catch a break, can he?

  3. John F

    Whoever edited that front page for the Sunday Independent has certainly earned their pay for this week!
    I mean putting the advertisement for girls having leaky bladders beside the cover story of Leo being scared for his life was utterly brilliant! They knew what they were doing!
    As Healy-Rae would say it’s hogwash. Those in charge running scared that the lockdown narrative along with other things is starting to wane, so perhaps they are counting on people’s sympathy to keep public support.

      1. Gabby

        ‘as Healy Ray says’ sounds safer than ‘as Kim Jong-un says’. Kerry is saner than North Korea any day.

  4. Charger Salmons

    Charger’s Jab Jibber-Jabber™



    For the second day running yet another record-breaking vaccine day in the UK.
    It’s the first time the daily figure has passed 1% of the population and hit the 700k mark.
    Meanwhile here in Ireland between Monday and Wednesday of this week, the last days we have data for, only 21,851 doses of vaccine were given – a reduction of 47% over the previous week.
    The slowdown comes after last Sunday saw only 303 shots given out, the lowest daily total on record.
    By slavishly following Macron & Merkel instead of Blighty’s pioneering lead the Irish vaccine programme has wasted another week.

    1. bisted

      …fairplay Charger…Boris will go down in history as the leader who defeated coronavirus and delivered the democratic outcome voted for twice in the UK…now is the time to start the process of delivering the democratic wishes of the north…

        1. bisted

          …don’t worry Charlie…the North remembers too well the last time it was sold out by you free-staters…it’s payback time…

          1. Charlie

            Bisted, happily I have no allegiance to anyone. Today’s patriots are tomorrows terrorists. Scrotes always wanna be scrotin.

    2. Tinytim

      The Irish simply can’t do anything right. Our death rate isn’t even half what the UK has achieved.

  5. GiggidyGoo

    Giant Walrus sees Kerry, makes his mind up very quickly, and swiftly moves onto Pembrokeshire.

  6. Kate

    John Mooney of the Times accessing a statement in a current criminal investigation against Leo and putting it on the front page is surely acting illegally?

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