“Call Off All Of The Protests”


This afternoon.

Leinster House, Dublin 2.

As loyalist paramilitary groups denied involvement in another night of rioting in west Belfast, Sinn Féin leader Mary Lou McDonald…

…said loyalist violence has been deliberately planned to stoke up maximum tensions and called on unionist politicians to show “enlightened leadership” and to call off protests planned for this weekend.

Speaking outside to journalists Leinster House Ms McDonald said it is “unacceptable” that unionist leaders in the North have not yet called for further protests planned for this weekend to be cancelled.

“That message needs to come from all of us, but it particularly needs to be heard loud and clear from the leadership of the DUP, from all the unionist political parties and from all of the loyalist organisations,” she said.

“Now is your moment to step forward and in a very unequivocal and very clear and firm way, to say to those who have orchestrated this violence to stop and to call off all of the protests.”

Loyalist paramilitaries deny involvement in protests (RTÉ)


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11 thoughts on ““Call Off All Of The Protests”

  1. chimpy

    Its a bunch of bored teenage scumbags on their easter holidays.
    Theyll be back to school Monday and that will be the end of it

    1. Gordon

      Stirred up by shadowy figures
      All because they move the border to the sea
      In all honesty if both sides cannot live together then there is no hope at all
      The parties both sides of the divide have no place in government

    1. Gordon

      Maybe a border poll about do people want a United ireland with the Irish taxpayer footing the bill instead of the British taxpayer
      Sin vein would be in for a shock
      As long as the republic is in the EU and the north in the UK there will never be a United ireland just the usual division and violence
      So maybe this country needs to get out of the EU as the only ones demanding a customs border is the EU including all the checks

      I just wonder if the EU had insisted the same checks on trucks and goods as they are stating are needed regarding brexit when goods arrive in across Europe maybe the 39 vietmanease migrants would not of died in that container the other year

  2. U N M U T U A L

    the optics around this come with an extra bonus…

    A handy psychological deterrent for those contemplating a belfexit to escape the lurgy lockdown…
    It’s an Isag master stroke I tells ya…
    Adjusts tinfoil sombrero.

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