Not Too Sha’abi



Irish MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace filmed on a trip to Iraq where they visited a brigade headquarters of Iran state-sponsored militia network Hashed al-Sha’abi, whose Iranian bases were a target of recent US bombing.


Footage of Irish MEPs in Iraq used in YouTube video promoting a militia group (The Journal)

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15 thoughts on “Not Too Sha’abi

    1. Pat

      Ah Charger – no hat tip to the lad in The Journal yesterday you robbed that comment off? Not cricket

  1. goldenbrown

    it’s not been a great week for Coveney really

    lol nice one Mick + Clare

    (and no €1200 Louis Copeland suits required)

    1. Ronan

      A Louis Copeland suit is far more affordable than that in my experience. My last one was only 600 euro.

      Now if you’re referring to one of the expensive designer brands he carries, like Canali, for example, that’s a different story.

      There’s nothing like a good suit.

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