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    1. Charger Salmons

      Charger’s Jab Jibber-Jabber™

      They work.
      Britain has seen the world’s sharpest fall in Covid cases at their peak.

      UK: 97%
      South Africa: 95%
      Spain: 82%
      Mexico: 76%
      USA: 73%
      Russia: 70%
      South Korea: 42%
      Italy: 37%
      Germany: 32%
      France: 25%

      Interestingly, the severity of the spread in UK has left higher recovery immunity even in unvaccinated age groups with almost half of under-25s have antibodies which limits the size of any possible third wave.

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    Dead Phil is the perfect opportunity to rehabilitate Handsy Andy’s reputation. BBC and Sly Views are complicit in it by interviewing him.

        1. ReproBertie

          I’ve read it. Perhaps you can show me the part that says I can’t go home if my wife is vaccinated and I am not since you think it prohibits vaccinated and unvaccinated people mixing in my dwelling.

      1. Unreal

        It caused a lot of amusing commentary here that he was absent, “old sport”, especially with the commenters more inclined to caterwauling and self-flagellation, they seem even more denuded and bereft than usual, when Brother is absent

    1. Unreal

      Did you know her personally Brother?
      I never met the lady at all but I think about her a lot and that horrific video and the amount of upset it caused here. It was the single ballsiest thing John ever posted on here and it was disturbing really how some chose to react to it.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I’d rather wait until the pubs here are open in 2022 before drinking anything out of a plastic glass…


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