Can’t Spin, Will Spin

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Minister Anne Rabbitte (right) paid out just over €6,000 from a ‘special allowance’ to Stefanie Preissner writer of RTÉ comedy drama Can’t Cope, Won’t Cope  (left)

This morning.

“I hired Stefanie as everyone knows she’s a great communicator and I knew it was crucial to develop these skills for myself in my new role as Minister for Disabilities.

“I knew this was work she has done in the past and I think it’s helped me become a better communicator.

“I also think it has helped to ensure my constituents and people in the disability community are kept informed of what I’m doing.”

Minister of State at the Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and Youth with responsibility for Disability.

Revealed: Family members among TDs and senators’ €674k spend on ‘special allowance’ (


Ah now.


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26 thoughts on “Can’t Spin, Will Spin

    1. Jdawgs

      Anne Rabbitte knows more about gravy trains and gravy boats than the makers of Bisto. Having had to deal with her it would be the only thing she could have knowledge in.

      1. ian-oG

        I don’t know what a Stefanie Preissner is but if she’s linked to Terry De La Croneshoes them I’m agin it/them/her/those.

        ALL of it.

        1. Bodger

          Rabbitte was recently vicious and completely unfair about Mother and Baby Home survivor advocates in the Dáil. Makes a bit more sense now.

          1. ian-oG

            Having done a bit of a check it seems Steffi is a dahling of the D’indo set and RTE so makes perfick sense now Bodger.

          2. ian-oG


            Soooo……how to pull off butterfly wings to cause the most distress to the poor little flappy thing, yeah?

      2. ce

        On RTE of a weekend articulating what real people think – what could go wrong

        As a real person – I’m offended…

  1. D-troll

    are the two also related to each other? Or just a waste of 6k. and is it a waste of 6k… id say ministers in all countries have advisors to write their speeches for them.

    how is this a story, its only 6k. probably a weeks pension payment for a minister.

  2. Chevy Chase

    I wouldn’t mind but Can’t cope, won’t cope was absolutely woeful. Although I’m not sure how much of that was down to bad writing or the brutal over-acting by the main actress. (Who is at the same craic in “Smother”)

  3. Bebe

    It would be more appropriate for Junior Minister Rabbitte to respond on the delays in delivery of report into ‘Grace’ foster abuse care case and the abuse of forty-six others in the same care arrangement. It’s a national disgrace. Concerns about the lady identified as ‘Grace’ were raised in 1993 yet it took a further sixteen long years until ‘Grace’ was removed from the home where she lived 24/7, subjected to abuse daily nightly, all the time; the State neglectful in its duty to care. That story when it was first raised haunted me, because I know the vulnerability only too well and I know how difficult it is for families experiencing such exclusion to even attempt to raise the issues and concerns with no where to turn.

    This (Farrelly) state commissioned inquiry which began in May 2015 was due to submit a report within a year, but just like the Mother and Baby Home commission, delay after delay impacted. The Commission gave in a 4th interim report to Minister Rabbitte on January 11th last.

    Nothing absolutely nothing will compensate Grace or her family – the award of €6.3m made in 2017 by the High Court is irrelevant. It’s a bloody insult. It can never provide the care or comfort Grace should have received. What amount can one put on the nightmares, the terrors, the loss of trust, the loss of innocence?

    Approimately 1400 people with disabilities are placed in residential facilities that are unsuitable to their age and needs; usually in nursing home settings. It is a sin and Junior Minister Rabbitte knows it. Our Ombudsman has raised it with the Government who appear to not give a toss.

    People with disabilities have no voice.
    Tokenism for which we are supposed to be grateful is offered.
    Minister Rabbitte et al should get on with it or let someone capable do it.
    We are sick of bloody excuses.

    I’m so angry about this. I would not wish disability on anyone but just for a mili-second I wish the Government who have no person with disabilities in Cabinet or in posts of power, or even in their parties that I know of, would just experience life as a person wholly dependant on the state for their care. I preferred McGrath in the role. This PR stunt – lregardless of cost, leaves me cold.

    1. bisted

      …whatever you call it…kicking the can down the road or calling for endless reports that are never reported…whichever government is calling the tune…they all seem to be very prone to the long finger…

  4. Lilly

    “I hired Stefanie as everyone knows she’s a great communicator and I knew it was crucial to develop these skills for myself’

    I’d wager that your communication skills are at least as good as Stefanie’s given that you persuaded the electorate to vote you into the job.


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