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    1. bertie blenkinsop

      I knew yourself and fluffy would start posting again as soon as they let you out of the hotel….

  1. Liam Deliverance

    The Examiner – cost of pandemic €35 Billion? Wow, we are in deep there, not far off the bank bailout figures.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      You forgot to add in the billions that Europe is in for, which (going by past form) Ireland (FFG) will volunteer to pay off.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Hotel quarantine put on hold as fruit picking season is almost upon us. Quelle surprise?

    We are meant to believe that ‘walk-ins’ to the hotel were even allowed. Donnelly must be related to Aesop

  3. U N M U T U A L

    Front page of the times picture should read…
    Sparks fly as Cameron asks crown prince, “shall I get my guitar out? , and we can all sing Kumbaya”

    1. GiggidyGoo

      €1200 monthly repayments on a €170,000 mortgage over 15 years. Move to the country where there would be fiber broadband, work from home, and be €2000 per month better off, and own a house after 15 years.

  4. Charger Salmons

    Four months ago, based on sound scientific evidence, the UK began a vaccine programme built around a 12 week delay between first and second doses.
    It has been stunning success, allowing half the total population to get 100% protection against death or serious illness from Covid while waiting for their second jabs which have now been given to more than double the % of population than Ireland.
    Yet only now, faced with the loss of the J&J jabs and the AZ confined to the 60+ cohort ( 30+ in Blighty ) are Ireland considering this option.
    Instead of taking a confident,independent line on its vaccine roll-out based on a massive real-time experiment going on next door to it Ireland has dithered,procrastinated and cocked-up the rollout leaving it scrambling around trying to reassure people it knows what it is doing when clearly it is total disarray.
    But ” Europe has our backs™ ”
    You might as well say goodbye to your summer now.

    1. Micko

      I know you’re a big proponent for the vaccine Charger but,

      Honestly, I’d rather have a summer at home with places open, then roll out with a vaccine that has had no long term trials.

      I really feel that only the older age groups should be getting the vaccine. Healthy younger people do not need it.

      In case we hadn’t noticed here – large numbers are not dying anymore. Even in yesterday’s figure of 18 deaths, only 7 of those were in April.

      Hospitalisations are down to less than 200, ICU numbers are less than 50, the weekly positivity rate is down to 2.7% and we’ve only really vaccinated our older people and vulnerable. (Along with some chancers) ;)

      Not forgetting that about 235K people have now recovered and are immune (The WHO says that the actual global infection rate is at least 10 times greater – so perhaps we could be looking at 2 million+ naturally protected people now in Ireland)

      If the front page of the Telegraph in the UK is right, a similar story is probably playing out here. Figures of dying with not “from” but “with” Covid are over calculated and issues with how they report the death and hospitalisation figures on a daily basis.

      Sounds similar to here.

      Official Irish fatality figures still showing here that:

      87% had underlying conditions.
      Average age of death is 81.
      Almost half of this who died didn’t even go to hospital.
      Only 52 people under 45 have died from Covid over the past 14 months.


      And we’re seeing everyday that well over 70% of new infections are in the under 45’s – practically no risk to that age group.

      Whereas I spoke to my 39 year old cousin in Birmingham yesterday and he got his first jab a month ago.

      A month ago – and he’s only 39! He did say he blagged it when he filed out the form to skip the queue – but holy moly!

      So, by its own incredible ineptitude, the Irish gov may have actually done us all a favour.

      I mean, if it carries on in this direction and people stop dying from Covid – would anyone under 45 actually be bothered in a vaccine?

      1. Charger Salmons

        Micko – figures are down because Ireland has been in one of the strictest lockdowns in the world since the start of the year.
        The only way out of permanent lockdown is vaccination.
        There is no alternative unless you wish to carry on living the way you are for the rest of your life.
        The virus may dissipate during the summer as it did last year but without vaccination it will be back with a vengeance.

        1. Micko

          Well, with all due respect – you’ve no idea if the virus will come “back with a vengeance”. No one does. History shows that respiratory illnesses usually tend to disappear or become endemic.

          Anyway, I’m not advocating for no vaccine for older people. But the under 45’s would want to have rock in their heads to take it.

          Only 52 under 45 in an entire year who died. 52? Less than one a week. A minor risk for sure.

          Jabs for older folks – sure. But not for young health people looking to reproduce the next generation.

          As Alick (our resident vax expert) said to me on another thread the other day – if you were in a lab working on either of the two main technologies used in these vaccines in 2019 – you would have been pointed and laughed at by other labs.

          And that’s his personal experience of actually seeing that happen.
          According to him, VVV and mRNA are really both untested in any great numbers – until now.

          Thread here: https://www.broadsheet.ie/2021/04/12/after-you/

          So, yes. I would rather forgo foreign travel for a few years and not force younger people and the next generation into a mass experiment with no real idea of the future consequences.

          Protect the vulnerable with vaccines and protect the future by not forcing young people into this.

          To me that seems the smarter move.

    1. Cian

      This is a really, really misleading.headline.
      1. This is only looking at deaths in Week 13.
      2. There were only 349 official “Covid deaths” in week 13
      3. there were 400 deaths registered with Covid somewhere on the death cert; 308 of these it was the primary cause “from covid”, 92 as a secondary cause “with Covid”
      4. So of the 349 official deaths last week, 302 were “from Covid” and 47 (13%) were “with Covid”

    1. Charlie

      I’m expecting a wonderful summer in Ireland. While the scrotes across the water are swilling halves of bitter and unable to afford a proper trip to mainland Europe without an interrogation at every airport, we’ll be well on our safe way to a less frenzied safe lifestyle.
      Brits have been promised the Earth, Moon and stars by clown man by 20th June. Full stadiums for football and gigs etc. I look forward to seeing that. However, no matter what the outcome, they’ll still be the lepers of Europe on a slow road to economic relegation and even more miserable than they were pre Covid(if that’s possible :-).

  5. Charger Salmons

    Worrying news for Labour in the UK currently trailing the Tories in the opinion polls by double digits.
    If they lose their safe Hartlepool seat at the forthcoming by-election there are 14 other Labour seats, mainly in the north, which are theoretically at-risk in a future national election.
    Sir Kneel-a-lot, the millionaire Islington lawyer who fought tooth and nail to overturn the Brexit referendum results, is damaged goods.
    He’ll be gone when Boris delivers another general election landslide for the Tory toffs.


  6. eoin

    Quarter of covid death not caused by virus? Hmmm. Ah well never mind. Here’s you’re (no doubt) soon to be banned experimental vaccine.

  7. Charger Salmons

    ” Cork Airport to close for 10 weeks to allow major runway reconstruction ”

    Will anyone even notice ?
    Even pre-Covid its list of destinations was pathetic.
    The terminal building is a vainglorious advertisement for poor planning – half its downstairs space devoted to check-in desks rarely used because everyone checks in online.
    Every passenger travelling through it has their ticket checked manually by a single person operating one machine – they had more modern departure procedures on the Ark.
    It was open for years before someone had the bright idea of making the eating area available to airside passengers as well.
    And it’s built on a hill.
    No wonder everyone gets the coach to Dublin.

  8. Johnny

    -some great links and summary/overview.

    ..Cannabis is big business. U.S. sales hit a record $17.5 billion last year. Revenue for the NFL was $12 billion, by comparison…


    ..hard ignore 70% support.


    anyone seen Gino,why,why Gino,of all the…any interest i have in ‘cannabis and ireland’ just goes flat when i think oh fook Gino….how’s he doing with his right to die and get high campaigns…


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