This morning.


This morning.

Dublin Airport.

From Thursday, the US will be added to the Mandatory Hotel Quarantine list.

Name those planes, anyone?


A woman who returned from Dubai ten days ago to support her mother after her father was diagnosed with cancer, has become the latest person to challenge the legality of her detention at a quarantine hotel, in what her lawyers described as a “profoundly urgent” application.

A special remote sitting of the High Court was told last night that 30-year-old Emma Kelly was fully vaccinated and had tested negative for Covid-19 twice before she travelled from the United Arab Emirates and arrived here ten days ago.

Her lawyers told the court she should have been tested again today but has been told she won’t receive a test until tomorrow and if negative, she won’t be able to leave until the following day.

They have asked the High Court to inquire into the legality of Ms Kelly’s detention.

The woman is in quarantine in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Dublin Airport.

The court will continue hearing the case this morning when the State will respond.

Woman takes High Court challenge over mandatory hotel quarantine (RTÉ)

Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews

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19 thoughts on “Yanked [Updated]

  1. lorcan

    If vaccination is now age based, and the AstraZeneca vaccine can be given to over 60s, and the vaccine programme should have been focussed on over 60s this week, why has vaccination using AstraZeneca stopped?

    1. Charger Salmons

      Because Ireland’s vaccine roll-out has been organiser by Ronald McDonald since the start.
      There is a 0.00095% chance of getting a blood clot from the AZ vaccine.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    Boo boo Harris would be better to try get a handle on his current ministership. He was Ireland’s worst Health Minister when he was in situ.

    1. Otis Blue

      There was a discussion about Stephen Donnelly’s social media concerns on Matt Cooper’s radio show last evening. He had a spiv on from the Communications Clinic claiming that Harris was a good and effective Minister. We’re being gaslit.

  3. Bruncvik

    “Name those planes, anyone?”

    Hector, Bruno and Lenny. My wife wouldn’t let me name my sons, but at least I can name those planes…

  4. eamonn

    I love the sound of simon’s voice – not as much as he does !
    sensible simon – fighting the good fight
    More of that opposition in Government, those cabinet meetings must be fun.
    All smiles to faces and daggers for backs.
    Imagine harris telling Donnelly how it should be done…….

  5. Broadbag

    I thought vaccinated people could still transmit it if they have it so why should they be exempt from quarantine?

  6. Geraldo

    Hotel quarantining is a form of detention and is illegal.

    From EU commission:

    “We underline the need for free movement restrictions to be non-discriminatory and proportionate”

    Our system of quarantining is neither proportionate or non discriminatory.

  7. eoin

    Harris let out of his crypt for an interview. Don’t care what you say or think Simon. One of the worst ministers for health ever…and that’s up against some unbelievably stiff competition.

    1. U N M U T U A L

      Harris… .. He’s the Danny Glick to our Salem’s Lot.
      Just don’t open the window to him and you’ll be grand.


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