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  1. ce

    The Star’s woke attack cheese/dairy story… not much else to say really… won’t somebody think of the children…

    Also, the New Statesman’s Pig-Worrier take-down seems fitting. The man who destabilized North Africa, then called a referendum that nobody other than a few euro septics wanted, who was then outwitted by said euro sceptics and thus helped destabilized Europe too especially for Vlad P (Europe not just the EU, Charger before you start getting huffy), then ran away from his responsibility to the outcome of the referendum… turns out he was as greasy, if not more so, as his chum Sarkozy… and would even give the current bent shower – lead by the Handshaking Haystack and his dodgy Covid contracts – a run for their money…. Damn Blighty! you’re nearly as dysfunctional as we are… huzzah! Can’t wait to see you at the bottom of the barrel.

    1. Charger Salmons

      If it was ” a referendum that nobody other than a few euro sceptics wanted ” why did 33 million people, about 72% of the total UK electorate , turn out to vote in the biggest political mandate in British history ?
      Cameron called it because of UKIP’s success in the European elections where millions voted for the party’s policy of leaving the EU.
      Keep taking the tablets chump …

      1. Praetorian

        Of which 36.4% voted for…35.6% voted against…if the 28% had’ve botherd their hoop to get out of bed instead of thinking the NO vote was a dead cert your sanctimonious whinging would be long over Brit boy.

          1. scottser

            democracy, eh? so the campaign in support of leaving the EU engages in (quoting the Electoral Commission) “multiple breaches of electoral law.” Then the victorious wing of the tory party pursues a ruinous version of brexit for which they had no mandate, and which threatens the break up of the united kingdom itself.
            and you have the nerve to bandy the term ‘lame brain’ around at others?

            you know charger, i wouldn’t wee wee on you if you were on fire.

          2. Micko

            Woh woh woh… hang on there!

            What you’re saying is… we can say “wee wee” on this site and not get censored.

            Well holy wee wee! A new world is opened up ;)

          3. Charger Salmons

            Indeed Micko – I seem to have touched a raw nerve with this juvenile poster.
            Imagine getting so wound up about something that happened in another country that you feel the need to abuse someone you’ve never met.
            They don’t appear to teach ’em much in schools these days.
            Least of all how to start a sentence with a capital letter.

          4. scottser

            you’re the one bandying insults around here. nobody gives a toss about your one-trick posts anymore but when you keep on throwing your weight around and insulting people you’re gong to called out.

          5. Charger Salmons

            No matter how much you throw yourself at the window and mouth insults through the triple-glazing all you will see is me laughing at you and calling others over to look at the strange sight of a red-faced ginger man erupting like La Soufriere.
            Honestly chump, you provide me with great entertainment.

          6. scottser

            and that’s all you have – your bridge and your nanny goats.
            the laughs are on you, loser.

          7. Papi

            “calling others over”
            Oh, ha ha ha ha ha ha! He’s been at Kate’s imaginary trifle again.

      2. ce

        Somebody is a bit grumpy this morning… must have run out of ice cubes and couldn’t have their neat Johnnie Walker before bed last night

        Trust me, I’m on the best tablets!

    2. Charlie

      They’re already way down that barrel. The dumbest 2nd most gullible folk on the planet. Only the US has more impressionable humans.

  2. Cú Chulainn

    Captain Hogwash ?.. Seaman Staines more like.. but the Star know that.. sizzler on the way.. always followed by those psycho gulls.. will they make an appearance on Saturday or Monday..?

    1. Lilly

      I like this one too:

      ‘May I jump to Rosary Cox’s aid about enduring secondary golf Masters coverage from her husband (Letters, April 14th) and suggest she invoke a phrase that a former teacher often threatened us with: “Silence is golden, but duct tape is silver!”’

  3. Steph Pinker

    So Michael Healy-Rae has cheated death more times than Rasputin? I bet he Neva Neva ever felt so low :(

      1. Fergalito

        He used to get it in his waders, now he only gets it in his flat-cap … as the Arctic Monkeys might croon.

  4. Charger Salmons

    Reluctant as I am to make comparisons between Ireland and the UK this one’s a corker.
    In the UK, including NI, you need only 4 pieces of information to book a Covid vaccine appointment – name, date of birth, NHS number and contact details.
    That’s it.
    This entitles you to book a jab at any time and location you wish anywhere in the United Kingdom.
    Yesterday the HSE announced anyone aged between 65-69 could REGISTER online and then wait for an appointment to be organised which will be at a location of their choosing not yours.
    The Irish Times’ David Cochrane takes up the story.
    ” The HSE has produced a helpful guide to filling out the application form for the Covid-19 vaccination. It’s helpful because there are 39 STEPS IN THE PROCESS by my count.
    ” I’ve documented each of the steps along the process for registering, some might very well be auto-completed but this is not an intuitive experience…”
    Included in the information required is nationality and ethnicity.
    Remember, they’ve had a year to come up with this bureaucratic mumbo-jumbo.

  5. Charger Salmons

    Meanwhile, the Irish government says it is considering extending the gap between doses after the disappointing news with the AZ and J&J jabs.
    They first started considering this three and a half months ago.
    I recall Luke O’Neill campaigning for it on TV 6 or 7 weeks ago and he’s still at it.

    Finland is also in the EU so it gets the same doses as Ireland.
    However, their dosing interval is 12 weeks, so they have been able to give out many more first doses which provide 100% protection against death or hospitalisation after just 3 weeks..
    Why is Ireland still dragging it’s heels ?
    And now that Denmark has said it will stop using AZ completely I presume Slaphead has been on the ‘phone asking for their spares ?

  6. goldenbrown


    “Prince Andrew, 61, had reportedly ruffled feathers at Buckingham Palace by raising questions over which uniform he was entitled to wear. He had been made an honorary vice-admiral in the Royal Navy on his 55th birthday, and was due to be promoted, but offered to defer it until after he returned to public duties.”

    yeah, I bet he definitely doesn’t want to make a scene

    lol, what a circus!

    1. Fergalito

      How about an orange or striped onesie with a unique number on it? (not the number of his Pizza Express order).

    2. U N M U T U A L

      ‘Vice’ admiral… you couldn’t make it up.
      Anything from the Savile Row would suffice, obviously.

  7. NobleLocks

    I see that the UK government has disbanded the laughable LGBT Advisory Panel. A good news day!


    The insistance that T’s could self-id and thus allow the creation of another priest class of men who couldn’t be questioned under any circumstances (Stonewall: Acceptance without exception!) was the last straw apparently.

    To Quote Gary Powell: “Can someone become Prime Minister without realising that self-ID provides the legal passport for male-bodied predatory or violent non-transgender men to pretend they are transgender in order to access women’s and girls’ private spaces?”

    1. Nigel

      Not even hiding that they’, and you, are scaremongering by linking people who self-identify as trans with cis men who are sexual predators, so trans people who come forward and seek treatment will be treated with suspicion and hostility. But this isn’t transphobia?

        1. Nigel

          I know, I know, but, this stuff has real-world damage – there’s an astonishing rake of anti-trans legislation being enacted by Republican state legislatures in the US. It’s horrifying, but the ‘woke’ are the quasi fascist identity politic villains for opposing and criticising them. It’s one of the few areas in which the right-wing culture war is gaining real traction (along with the homicidally reckless ‘plandemic’ and anti-vaxx stuff) outside of their bubble, and they are riding it hard.

          1. ce

            Nobel Locks is not here to have their mind changed… and they won’t change anybody’s view point here, one way or the other

            Save your energy and have a go a Charger’s Blighty Fetish, at least that’s fun!

          2. Nigel

            I’m not trying to change their mind, i just want to put an alternative view out there to balance theirs. There is nothing more tedious on this increasingly tedious site than people trying to argue with the gammon salmon, in that he rarely says anything worth reading, let alone responding to, so you’re just responding to his obnoxious tone, which is like having an argument with a fart.

          3. NobleLocks

            It’s brilliant to see all of the women fighting against their sports being invaded by men. These men and women are fighting for the right to keep men out of womens single sex spaces and only and idiot or a fool would brand this as “Republican”. This is much, much bigger than any policital organization.

            This is a grass roots movement exploding out from all of the parents who’ve lost children to an ideological hate mob, they are sick of the “reputation destruction” and “malicious gossip” tactics used by the T to smear all opposition to what the the T want while hiding from ALL discussion.

            These parents are sick to the hind teeth of the ideologically captured institutions telling them that they are horrible people and we’re all sick of stupid, ignorant individuals who refuse to even scratch the surface of the T because they’re afraid of what they might find and deeply fear it will go against their own precious beliefs.

          4. Nigel

            The wildly dispoportionate response to the utterly minimal risks posed by trans people and the minimal effect of trans people participating in sports, and the complexity and sensitivity involved in providing health care to trans children is purely an ideological exercise in picking on a vulnerable minority to drive hatred against them as a unifying factor, an entirely familiar historical pattern.

            That you can’t even see, or don’t care about, the perversity of blaming the difficulties of people who have detransitioned on other trans people, as if they’re responsible for other people’s tragic mistakes or health care failings or negative experiences, or as if improved health care wouldn’t reduce the number of people who detransition by properly assessing whether people are truly ready to transition, something made more and more difficult by the health care of trans people being controlled by people who hate trans people.

      1. NobleLocks

        Only a fool or a deliberately ignorant person cannot see that creating a new priest class of unquestionalbe individuals will attract predatory men who will hide behind the cloak of protection T provides and every time you holler “transphobia” you are responsible for allowing these men to continue to ruin peoples lives.

        Don’t believe me? Have a look at transcrimeuk.com, the list of predatory men using T as cover goes on and on and on… and that’s just in the UK. Yelling “Transphobia” just enables the next generation of Jimmy Savilles.

        Trans people… there’s no such thing. Trans is something people DO it is not something they ARE.

        Trans is something people who actually suffer from Dysphoria (the tiny tiny minority of them) do in order to get through the day. Dysphorian people need to be treated carefully, with respect and helped through with all the psycological support they need. Surgery of any sort should be incredibly rare and illegal of anyone under 18.

        The remaining AGP males (the VAST majority of the T movement) need to be pointed out as AGP Fetishists and removed from the T label, and quite frankly told to ‘eff off!

        As for the Autistic people who are fooled into believing that doing the T will make them fit in more…. those poor guys and girls will be the saddest people of all when reality returns and stonwall/mermaids etc… are sued into oblivion. You will be able to hear their horror stories at the next Internation Detransition Day rememberance and every year after that.

        1. ce

          Meanwhile breaking news – comment section debate leads to UN Security Council calling an emergency meeting on the nature of gender

        2. Nigel

          Now trans people are to blame for Jimmy Saville. See?

          Thank goodness people like you weren’t allowed to put your nose into medical issues when I was having my various surgeries when I was under 18. Now that I think about it, all but one of surgeries in my life so far were done up until I was 16, and none since, and only one of them would be regarded as potentially life-saving (an appendectomy.). So your standard is arbitrary, repressive, reactionary and transphobic,

          1. NobleLocks

            That’s not what I said and you know it. I said the cloak of protection that the T provide will attract predatory males who will use it and I also provided proof.

            And that’s all you can do, use the old Malicious Gossip or Reputation Damage to fail to argue the point because we all know you TRA’s have got NOTHING, otherwise Keira Bell would have lost her case.

            LoL sure EVERYTHING is transphobic now, your lovely bunch of TRA lads use that cry-bully lie so often it’s lost any value :) –

            Trans is something people DO, it is not what they ARE
            AGP males make up the Vast majority of the so called T community
            Well over 90% of children suffering from sexual identity issues resolve them naturally via natural puberty – a tiny tiny minority need help afterwards and manage it via conselling
            Predatory men are using T Capes to hunt vulnerable women and children

            Prove me wroing or all you are doing is blowing smoke out of your a** (again)

          2. NobleLocks

            What amazes me the most is how you never once mention the damage this does to children. It’s like you couldn’t give a fiddlers damn about the poor kids whose lives are being destroyed by all of this.

            You just keep on fighting for the wants of straight men to invade single sex spaces, surgeons’ to keep their income via unnecessary surgeries and completely ignore that predatory males are 100% using this as a cloak to carry out their horror fantasys…

            Do you have nothing to say to these women and children?

          3. Daisy Chainsaw

            Predatory males have always gotten on quite well attacking women and girls without having to dress up.

          4. Nigel

            This ‘cloak of protection’ nonsense is completely made up and utterly non-existent, and just an excuse to scaremonger and link trans people to a well-known predator like Seville. It’s pure, evil fantasy.

            Women and children? I’ll bet you were a big supporter of #metoo.

  8. Charger Salmons

    By the by, today marks 200 days of workplace lockdown since the pandemic began in Ireland.
    The cost in 2020 alone was €24.6bn.
    This was the 2nd largest financial impact per capita in the eurozone.

  9. eoin

    Bernie Madoff dies mere days after he tells his biographer that the banks ALL knew what he was up to but did nothing. Convenient. Had his accounts with JP Morgan oddly enough. One of the most criminal banks on the planet (up there with Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and HSBC).

    1. Johnny

      …..everyone knew Eoin,Bernie was a joke in New York inner finance circles,like these paddy’s.

      ‘The bill for legal and other costs associated with dealing with the the alleged fraud at its Dallas office currently amounts to $1 million.
      The 990 tax filing puts the “misappropriations” at $292,766 in 2017, $333,537 for 2016 and $85,572 in 2015.
      The funds is seeking to recover damages of $958,000 and exemplary damages of $1.9 million against Karla Stover, formerly the charity’s director of its Texas region.‘


      We ‘lost’ a million that we were custodians off for the people of Ireland so let’s chip in half -like wtf – bunch half wits should resign in disgrace not try buy their way out.

  10. Johnny


    ‘The hotel, at 687 Lexington Avenue, near Grand Central Terminal, laid off employees at the beginning of the shutdown, before bringing them back at the end of April upon getting a Paycheck Protection Program loan, according to George Kurth, the director of sales and marketing for Fitzpatrick Hotels. Now, 58 staff members will once again have to vacate the premises on Monday, as the loan money runs out, according to Department of Labor filings.’


    …why would a small time owner of rooms by the hour dives,who gamed the PPP program keep getting such a platform in Ireland ?
    They are quite literally two small dumpy hotels that no one goes to unless you hate the other person your meeting,like yeah,yeah let’s meet at Fitzpatricks….


  11. GiggidyGoo

    So Michilin took a phone call from Von der Leyen during a Dail session, and scurried back to announce the fantastic news of ‘extra’ doses of Pfizer.

    Now, I don’t know if any of you remember quite a few years ago those travelling auctions who used to hire hotel function rooms. They used to advertise in the local press in advance, with lists of the special proceed (heap) items.

    One such auction, they were selling a satellite box for free viewing of European stations. The ‘auctioneer’ informed the attendance that the satellite was being moved and that they were waiting on confirmation of the new location. (Obviously had problems with units they sold).

    Well, surprise, surprise, during the auction (during other items) his mobile phone rang, and he answered it, and quite excitedly informed the attendance that he had the new co-ordinates of the satellite, and that the units would work grand.

    Guess what? He was lying and my friend who was taken in by the patter was left with a dud. And that’s the con job that Michilin was trying to pull yesterday. A schoolboy ploy.

    1. Fergalito

      Excellent recollection of something I had completely forgotten about.

      Jaysus, what were they like ! Oxford Street in London played host to these light-fingered charlatans too as I recall in the early 1990s. Good times .:)

  12. Charger Salmons

    I wonder if Ursula Von der Lying rang the leaders of all 27 EU countries to impart the good news ?
    Or was it just Mehole because he was desperate for a pat on the head ?

    Heh x doh !

  13. johnny

    start of a random smoke fulled series of posts on Fitz….driven or fulled by a rage at by him taking PPP money of the us govt then moaning and whining that its not enough-or to him OPM-other peoples money………..

    where it all began.

    Dec ’07,IT.

    “Mr Fitzpatrick (47) said the properties, which are owned on a freehold basis, are currently worth €180 million or more.”

    -the ahem ’empire’.

    150-bed Grand Central.
    92-bed Manhattan.

    wow-i mean why would you need take other peoples money with THIS turnover,with his skills he has have at least doubled since he got 100% ownership,i mean no way he used it as a cash cow to fund his ball filled lavish lifestyle and stripped all the cash out,right-no one is that stopid not a chance the place is a shambles,making Faulty Towers look glam.

    “a bumper 2007. Mr Fitzpatrick said revenues for the 12 months to the the end of September increased to $24.9 million from $21.9 million a year earlier.”


    “He is also considering expanding the chain, possibly to Washington and Boston. “Now that I’m on my own, I can decide where we should go,”


    where he is now-with his begging bowl.

    “The Irish Government has done a tremendous amount to support businesses and individuals throughout the pandemic, while in the US we received very little support from the government last year.”

    taking one for the FG team-its propaganda he’s no business on RTE.


  14. NobleLocks


    This ‘cloak of protection’ nonsense is completely made up and utterly non-existent, and just an excuse to scaremonger and link trans people to a well-known predator like Seville. It’s pure, evil fantasy.

    Women and children? I’ll bet you were a big supporter of #metoo.

    Nonsense is it? So Everything on transcrimeuk.com is a lie is it? Because even if you had a cursory glance at that site you’d realise that what you’re saying not true. But then again, as a TRA, real, objective, demonstrable truth is something you reject regardless of how glaringly obvious it is.

    I did NOT link T people with Jimmy Saville, I’d ask you why you insist upon lying about this, but I know why, you don’t have any arguments and you rely upon malicious gossip and reuputation damage to cast slurs and avoid facts. Standard TRA hate tactics that you love to employ.

    You haven’t produced a single response to any facts I’ve pointed out many many times and instead of seeing that there are people who need protection and serious questions need to be asked about the T you rant about evil? This from a man who given repeated opportunities to denounce child medical experimentation refused to do so…. it’s stomach churning stuff

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      So the problem isn’t Trans women, it’s men. Maybe men should be banned from being allowed out without female supervision because clearly you can’t be trusted not to attack women and girls.

        1. Nigel

          Doesn’t matter what sort of men they are, you’re holding trans people responsible for their hypothetical crimes.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          When we can’t tell the predatory men from the non predatory, we have to treat them equally as a threat, just as you’re doing to trans women.

          Trans women aren’t the problem, men are.

    2. NobleLocks

      There’s going to be a moment with all of this, it’s going to be the same as what happened with the laundries the industrial schools and the Churches. Adults who were once children are going to speak their truths and TRA won’t be able to stop them any more. There are more Keira Bells coming, and each battle these mutilated, sterilized and used individuals win in the courts is going to chip another TRA foundation stone away until this whole evil edifice comes crumbling down.

      And when that day comes we’ll see who said what and who did what. When that day comes I shall sleep soundly, while you… well I guess you’ll sow as you reaped. :)

    3. Nigel

      You haven’t pointed out any facts. You’ve made up a hypothetical future Jimmy Saville who’s going to get away with his crimes because of trans people. Very well grounded argument, there.

  15. johnny

    …so he wants more FREE money from the govt/state LOTS of it and a tax amnesty,yeah really..yet he is considered some type New York hotel tycoon in Ireland,he’s a two bit broke hotelier,down on his luck,begging for another bailout -this all so un New York-quite frankly he’s cringe inducing.

    cant pay his tax bills-hold on them hotels are worth 180 million:)
    “John Fitzpatrick, who owns two Irish-themed hotels in Manhattan’s Midtown East, said he had to take out a new loan just to afford his $2.4 billion tax bill because revenue has nosedived. To stay afloat, he closed one of his hotels at 57th and Lexington.
    His pleas to the de Blasio administration to waive interest charges have been futile, he said. “They don’t seem to want to help,” Fitzpatrick said.”


    personally i think he’s in a whole heap trouble,quite possibly going lose the hotels.

    now he wants/needs an amnesty,but didn’t he just tell Bloomberg he took out a loan and just paid them….hm.

    “As a result, many hotels have been unable to pay taxes that were due last July 1 and this Jan. 1. They have little or no cash flow, and unpaid tax bills accrue at a stunningly high 18 percent. The city needs to declare an amnesty on hotel property taxes so shuttered hotels can reopen and those treading water can survive.”


    New York will be just fine without his ‘irish themed’ (haha) outdated hotels.


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