This afternoon.

“The commission has concerns regarding this measure in relation to the general principles of EU law, in particular proportionality and non-discrimination.

“We have been in contact with the Irish authorities during the past days on this matter. Today the commission sent a letter to the Irish authorities asking for clarifications on this matter and on the criteria used to determine the designated [EU] countries.

“The commission believes that the objective pursued by Ireland, which is the protection of public health during the pandemic, could be achieved by less restrictive measures.”

“We invite the Irish authorities to align more closely their measures taken with the provisions of the council recommendation member states agreed in October and updated earlier this year.”

Christian Wigand, EU Commission Spokesperson for Rule of Law, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality, Employment and Social Affairs.

The commission has given Ireland ten days to respond.


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Thanks, Steve.

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37 thoughts on “Overreach

  1. Mr. T

    haha every case thats raised in media or goes to court will be granted an exemption from quarantine,

    Spineless state knows it wont hold up in court

    1. goldenbrown

      spineless and toothless indeed

      I wonder did the breasticle job pair ever actually serve out their 12 days at the covid motel in the end? and did they have to pay for it themselves?

  2. Termagant

    “People travelling abroad for surrogacy will be exempt from mandatory hotel quarantine when they return”

      1. Andrew

        bizarre. People buying babies from poor people in poor countries are more likely to get a sympathetic Late Late Shoe interview by someone too thick to ask any serious questions. No debate around this at all. It’s reprehensible and I’m puzzled as to how it’s legal.

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          As a practice, how is it different to adoption? Woman/Girl has baby, surrenders them to agency who takes a massive fee/contribution to hand baby over to grateful new parents.

          With the history of coersion, kidnapping and trafficking of “adopted” children, surrogacy is more honest and at least offers a degree of transparency.

          1. Termagant

            Adoption gives a home to an extant child in need of one. Surrogacy creates a whole new child.

          2. benblack

            Yet, it is illegal in Ireland – and, you, a civil servant, are supposed to uphold the law of the land.

            Compromised, Daisy?

          3. Andrew

            Daisy again with your ill-thought half baked ‘opinion;. Why am I not surprised that you see no further than the end of your nose?
            I shudder to think that you are in any position of authority or decision making.

          4. Daisy Chainsaw

            Jaysus, my stalkers are out in packs tonight! The absolute mortifying hack of you benblack! Why would I be compromised? I’ve neither been a surrogate nor paid for someone to be my surrogate.

            And Andrew, you’d be surprised… and probably have an attack of the vapours at the decisions I’ve been behind.

          5. ce

            money and exploitation of poverty … so exactly like the horrible things that were done here for decades

            What could go wrong

          6. benblack

            The law and your civic, sworn responsibilities and your conflicting personal opinion.

            Untenable in any other organisation.

            In it for the pension, you say, as do – in fairness – your higher graded bosses.

          7. Andrew

            don’t flatter yourself Daisy. Nobody’s stalking you. Your comments just stand out as the most adolescent on this forum, that’s all.

          8. Daisy Chainsaw

            My civic and sworn responsibilities? I’m cringing for you. Absolute cringe, lad.

            BTW, what sworn responsibilites?

          9. ce

            We want one… We have money… ergo, We’re entitled to buy one… oh look, there’s one for sale… now our life is complete… thank you breeder, and watch out for the occasional stray Russian shell… we’ll call you if we want a sibling for our purchase and collect a whole set…

    1. Des

      @Hector You don’t. You just run it within the EU law then you don’t have any social media to respond to. Do you always look at things in reverse?

  3. The Dude

    “The objective pursued by Ireland could be achieved by less restrictive measures.”

    Finally it is becoming apparent to others that Ireland has turned into East Germany, where manifestly disproportionate suppression of civil liberties has become the go-to option for a dysfunctional state.

    The latest episode with the lack of space for quarantine is actually hilarious. Did NOBODY do the sums?

    Testing combined with verified checking of self quarantine could have been a much more effective and less costly way to achieve the state’s declared objective. Yet the state saw fit to call people up to help last year, only to then tell those who came forward that they would be added to a list if work arose – and so consequently, the state is now relying on its services whose talents are more needed elsewhere.

    Dictating to people that they should not meet in gardens, so instead people meet indoors; how splendid!

    Still no sign that the government intends to encourage hairdressers operate outdoors: Instead, nothing until full reopening when punters will have to go indoors – despite this being 19 times more risky.

    The lack of proportionate responses based on evidential knowledge 12 months on is beyond disgraceful.

    Holiday In The Sun anyone?

    1. george

      What less restrictive means will prevent variants travelling in on planes? Because they haven’t worked so far.

      1. The Dude

        Testing and daily checks on the place of residence would be a lot less costly or intrusive.

        Alas, this was not tried – and thus was not given an opportunity to work.

        The chronic mismanagement by the state and the EU comes down to a failure to put in place evidence based protocols that could allow activities outdoors and elsewhere such as intelligently risk managed transit, as outlined above.

  4. nicorigo

    If you have received a COVID-19 vaccine, you must still quarantine.
    From on MHQ…
    It wont never stop then?
    I do not understand.

  5. Madam x

    So EU states where the virus is rampant tell us what we should be doing! That makes perfect sense so. Carry on up the Liffey

  6. Zaccone

    What an absolute farce this whole thing has been. If it doesn’t get struck down in the Irish courts the EU Commission will do it in. A total waste of so much time and money, just because nobody in government had the balls to tell the public that MHQ wasn’t viable from the start.


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