5 thoughts on “Sundowners

  1. Charger Salmons

    Talking of sundowners I mixed the first margaritas of the year yesterday as Lady C and I enjoyed the late afternoon sun al fresco.
    Two parts tequila, one each of Cointreau and freshly-squeezed lime juice.
    Our Slovakian gardener was finishing his day’s labours so we invited him to join us for drinks on the terrace.
    Sadly he’s a passionate anti-vaxxer but we’ve long since agreed to differ.
    We’re both keen to see how the 30 or so rosebushes we planted last year turn out – not long now for the early ones.
    They’re adding to the growing optimism Lady C and I have about the summer of ’21 and sojourns to sunnier climes.
    Greece has already fully vaccinated 40 smaller islands and is now moving onto the larger tourist islands as it plans a full season from next month.
    We expect to be here for part of it.




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