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      1. scottser

        For casual readers of this comment section, there is nothing to be gained by reading any further.
        A crankier and more ill mannered bunch of contrarians you will not read. Quite a few sore heads and red faces from drinking cans in the sun yesterday I’d say. Do not waste good coffee on it.

        1. Janet, chatty mammy

          I fear a few regulars have come to that conclusion for the whole sheet…Bertie, Milly, Brother, SOQ, Listed, Misred etc, the bodies are mounting up

          1. Janet, chatty mammy

            I wouldn’t put those pearls anywhere if it’s the skitters you’ve got, a little cornflour in milk

          2. Micko

            There’s a whole loadsa fighting going for sure

            Ummm…. what to do? Change the subject?

            I see Catherine O’Hara is on the top of the Times today.

            Catherine has a very interesting condition called Situs Inversus I believe.

            It means that most or some of her major organs are reversed. So her heart and liver etc are on the opposite side of her body.

            A condition she shares with Enrique Iglesias

            What? That’s boring you say!

            At least it’s not arguing ;-)


          3. Janet, chatty mammy

            that’s what I have, found out with an appendicitis when it was top left instead of bottom right, kidneys face the wrong way which has given leva world of grief, I’m only flipped from diaphragm down though, heart is on the regular side, which actually isn’t great, still run those marathons though :)

          4. Charger Salmons

            Micko – did your pal ever come up with a plan to visit his holiday home ?
            I was thinking about this last night and wondered why he doesn’t just transit via the UK if doing the Belfast route is a schlepp.
            You only have to give a reason for leaving the State not on arrival.
            Quarantine checks amount to a few texts being sent.

          5. Micko


            That’s mad Janet – what are the odds that the person I’m replying to, would have the condition that I’m talking about.

            Mental old world eh? What a coincidence. Love it!!!

            I don’t think we’ve met Janet. Maybe?

            @Charger. I haven’t spoken to him since the other day. I’ll check with him and see what he’s up to ;)

          6. Janet, chatty mammy

            that’s why I was thinking you must know me to bring that up ! ( however paths probably crossed at the Grove, Fibbers etc, )
            my last operation here in Ireland they were doing last minute checks for the heart side … apparently it’s hand for the anethisist to know ;) even though I flagged it nine months ago lol

    1. GiggidyGoo

      The Times must have been given a release from Varadkar’s minders. Makey uppy ‘revelations’ about how the Gardai are considering it not to be serious ( if those were true, then the people interviewing Varadkar would be brought to book for leaking themselves, as it is easy to identify them ).
      Then again, it’s The times.

      1. jungleman

        You are without doubt the most bitter commenter on this site. You have an unhealthy obsession with Leo Varadkar and Fine Gael. I would say you haven’t gone a day in 2 years without coming on here and spouting your usual anti-FG drivel. Very tiresome, and where has it gotten you? FG still doing well! Also, you have an unfortunate tendency to get outraged about things that have happened in the future (i.e. things that exist only in your mind). That’s the main reason you get little to no traction with your comments fyi.

        Please change the record.

        1. GiggidyGoo

          If you don’t like ‘the record’, don’t listen to it, and consume yourself with your own drivel. Easy.
          What is your purpose in commenting here? Where do you want to get to with it?

          1. Unreal

            It’s Records you sell is it? Are they the earlies?
            I would have thought you’d be more of a Golden Wonders or a Kerr Pinks man but what would I know. None of them fancy foreign blight-resistant varieties anyway ! Ah shure to be jaysus

          2. jungleman

            As you edited your woeful comeback to add a question, I’ll respond. I don’t really have a purpose in commenting (and I generally don’t comment), I mainly just like to read through the comments for some light entertainment the odd time. I just felt the above needed to be said.

            But if you were to make the best of this short interaction (which I’m now done with) you could perhaps take on board my above observation that you regularly get outraged about things that exist only in your imagination, and maybe work on resisting that urge in future. I’m sure it will be hard for you at first but it will definitely make you a happier person in the long run. Genuinely.

        2. ce

          In this instance the Varadkar leaking of garda opinions about severity etc. is really disturbing and makes a mockery of the investigation… not much of a surprise

          1. Unreal

            I’ll bet ye all we will find out after a lengthy tribunal that this was all about blight resistant varieties

        3. GiggidyGoo

          But you wrote “Very tiresome, and where has it gotten you? ” suggesting that people comment here to get somewhere. And then you tell us that you don’t comment here to get somewhere? You commented to get somewhere, and that was to try put a lid on comments about Varadkar and Fine Gael.

          Now, have a look at the front pages above. Two main stories about….who?. So my comment is on the subject on those main stories.

          And your comment? Opinions about me. An unknown person posting on a website, who you nothing about.

          And you don’t have, you say, ‘a purpose in commenting’ – yeah, right! And an exit strategy then ‘(which i’m done with)’ you say.
          If you’re annoyed by my comments, then you can choose to ignore them. Try it. It’ll make you happier in the short, mid and long term.

        4. Joe

          Fine Gaels media fraperoom Operation gaslight is in full swing by dribbling out and leaking this crap.
          So much for Fine Gaels understanding of SIPO “Standards in Public Office”.
          With the low life standards displayed by Varadkar & Co. they have demonstrated that they are rotten to the core.
          Varadkar continues to show how unfit for public office he is by his dodgy deals & continuous leaks.

          1. GiggidyGoo

            I doubt it’s a leak. More of a concocted piece to try give the impression that it’s a thing of nothing. And the Times of course will run with anything they are told, with the promise of funding from our taxes.

      2. Unreal

        It will be a tough call selling spuds and strawbs on the side of the road today. Overcast and not many on the roads. Yesterday was better I’d say.

        Or are you one of the fish men? The ones that sell smelly oul bits of I can’t believe it’s not cod and an oul stew of scraps and leftovers you wouldn’t give to the cat

        1. GiggidyGoo

          Your lack of education always has been, and will always be your downfall. No matter what name you use here.

          1. Unreal

            Ah here I am trying to gee you up on a hard day out selling and you’re having a go. You won’t get many new customers that way! Put that frown down and put a smile on your face!

          2. GiggidyGoo

            Beetlejuice x 3.
            You’re having a difficult time trying to disguise yourself. Back in your box. (and educate yourself a bit – a good starting point would be the growing seasons). ROFL!

        2. Donald McCarthy

          One day soon, long lines will form when news of a man with a van and spuds and fish reaches the starving masses huddled in their unlit, unwatered and unprovisioned homes.

          1. Unreal

            And what a day that will be
            I envision our hero, shaking his fist standing up with his head out of window of the Transit
            Michael Collins-like
            The Big Fella
            “I told ye all not to buy them foreign Leo spuds!”

          2. GiggidyGoo

            And the story will be captured in a newly-written song ‘Little Harrows’, performed by Leaky Leo.

  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    The brainwashed being emotionally manipulated by the death of a 99yo man who married his second cousin and designed his own hearse.

    1. Charger Salmons

      Writes someone from 15,000 kms away.
      Who set his alarm early to watch it on TV.
      Not that it bothers him you understand.


      1. Papi

        This clown stays up every night of the week to copy and paste utter gash.
        God, it must be so sad to be you.

      2. Formerly known as @ireland.com

        @Charage, I didn’t set an alarm. You just know as soon as Betty Battenberg is no longer in charge, the monarchy is stuffed. I will be there to celebrate people growing up.

        1. Unreal

          I give old Betty a few weeks now , months would be stretching it. Let old Big Ears have a go

          1. Donald McCarthy

            Will old Betty be swiping left or right now she’s back on the market like a disfavoured cow?

          2. V AKA Frilly Keane

            Ah lads
            Give the girl a break
            At least let her have a few days of rest before pulling across her like a Kilkenny wing forward

            In fairness – that commentry there is pretty tasteless
            Even for me

            And let me remind you – Mrs Windsor won’t be in the grave before the news gets saturated with Coronation vomit

            No wonder Boris lashed out the vax programme
            Millions with their Union Jack’s already washed n’ pressed
            Imagine if they were still in Lockdown and no-one allowed out to line the streets to bawl their eyes out
            or wave at another pensioner dolled up in a also available for Katie Price Weddings carriage on the Mall

            Whatever about the utter ridiculousness of it all
            Or how camp the kitch gets with lads in furry capes n’ crowns

            The girl has been recently widowed
            And no matter what our relationship is with royalty, and with this particular monarchy
            We’ve always known how to show respect for a family in times of bereavement

          3. V AKA Frilly Keane

            In fairness – well, old Broadsheet people will understand
            T’was bound to happen

            I’m simply not capable of the levels of banter required here anymore
            Totally beyond my reach

            I know my limits
            This MadVax stage isn’t me at all

            If that changes
            I’ll try my hand at it with ye again

            Till then, all the best.

    2. Donald McCarthy

      Dying is nothing special. Even idiots do it, but idiots are very keen that we do not say the things about them that they fear we might say so they invent a whole mad system whereby we must only say good things or remain silent. This system is almost universally accepted as right and proper with very few dishonourable exceptions like Jimmy Saville or Jack le Ripper. Everyone else can expect a telegram of condolences from the big house.


      1. Unreal

        I hope his fetid corpse will be ravished and devoured by the worst kind of stomach churning Phthiraptera myself

  2. f_lawless

    Commendable. Church leaders in Ireland should take a similar stand.


    ‘ More than 1,200 church leaders have urged PM Boris Johnson not to introduce Covid vaccine certificates, saying they are an “unethical form of coercion”.

    In an open letter, the leaders – who include Anglican and Catholic ministers – warn passports could create a “surveillance state”.

    The UK equality watchdog says passports could create a “two-tier society”.

    ..n the open letter to the prime minister, church leaders warned that introducing the passports would create a “medical apartheid”.

    “This scheme has the potential to bring about the end of liberal democracy as we know it and to create a surveillance state in which the government uses technology to control certain aspects of citizens’ lives,” the letter said.

    “As such, this constitutes one of the most dangerous policy proposals ever to be made in the history of British politics.” ‘

      1. f_lawless

        Person is not well equipped to process the magnitude of the situation currently unfolding, resorts to pedantry as a coping mechanism. That’s understandable

      1. Unreal

        I’m following Alexandra Ryan on Twitter these days
        Very insightful
        Yesterday she was saying she has a walk in wardrobe in her house.

        1. Donald McCarthy

          Old Betty remains head of her armed forces in a constitutional monarchy where everyone of importance must swear allegiance to her. As her boys rampaged through the North, murdering her own (reluctant) people or using creative if inhuman and degrading treatments on them, she remained stoically indifferent to her subjects but always keen to flaunt the poppy and the pageantry. So forgive me if I don’t demean my memory by some faux-gentlemanly shaking of hands. While you are feeling suitably smug and superior, maybe I could point you to the unloved graves of the child rapists and the torturers and those who are part of the great and final holocaust. Find flowers for all of them or for none of them.


        2. A Lovely Horst

          That would be quite a line up. They could complete it by adding a cookery slot hosted by some old wan baking dishes that are all prefixed with the word Cork. Wouldn’t that be a dream .

      2. f_lawless

        You don’t need scientific expertise to realise that imposing a vaccine passport surveillance system upon the public is deeply unethical and a dangerous threat to liberal democratic society – just a bit of critical thinking.

        You also don’t need any particular scientific expertise to realise that the Irish establishment is beholden to a narrow groupthink as far as Covid is concerned. The few medical experts who dissent are attacked, made resign, put under investigation. Most of the time the Irish media just parrot the government line. When they’re not doing so, it’s usually to give the zero covid extremists air time.

        Day in day out, RTE repeat official Covid statistics without ever holding them up to any real scrutiny.

        From a British outlet today:

        ‘Death figures reported by Nphet “do not have a scientific basis”, according to the Mayo coroner Patrick O’Connor.. ..O’Connor, who acts as a public information officer for the Coroners Society of Ireland, said that recording Covid-19 as the principal cause of death when a person was already terminally ill raised questions about the accuracy of the figures’

        It’s hard to imagine RTE having an expert like O’Connor on to tell the public that death figures reported by NPHET don’t have a scientific basis

        1. Unreal

          Haha I thought that said from a British toilet there !
          I thought you were talking about the Queen out on the game there again!

        2. Nigel

          ‘You don’t need scientific expertise to realise that imposing a vaccine passport surveillance system upon the public is deeply unethical and a dangerous threat to liberal democratic society’

          Bringing highty contagious diseases across the borders of countries that have gone to extremes to control outbreaks is also fairly unethical, a conclusion which also doesn’t require a great deal of critical thought.

          Also, you accidentally conflated ‘raised questions’ with ‘doesn’t have a scientific basis.’

  3. ce

    Thanks Doc, I feel better now…

    In any event, liberal democracy ended between 2000-2008, glad everybody has started to catch up with that fact

    You’re a victim of the “either/or” mentality that has helped destroy liberal democracy, as demonstrated by most of your Covid posts, in dire need of answers and assurances that simply don’t exist, unable to accept the fact that sometimes a mess is not a conspiracy but simply a mess. Yes people/companies will take advantage of the mess, but that doesn’t mean everybody is out to get you with some kind of scamdemic

    That doesn’t mean there’s no hope, but given that church leaders here have never exactly been the champions of openness and transparency, I might look to something/somewhere else… and not twitter rants by damaged individuals… now there’s a scam, massive revenue rich/profit poor ‘media’ company that generates interest from inflammatory outbursts that are then taken up by other media as the ‘news’… not exactly a great place to go looking for the truth!

    1. f_lawless

      Maybe you’re confusing me for someone else? Here’s a comment of mine from a while back


      “I read this recently and thought it was insightful. Rather than a grand conspiracy involving a huge amount of people all “in on the plan” which would be ridiculous on the face of it, maybe the situation is better explained by an underlying zeitgeist taking a collective hold while different groups may have their own specific motivations relative to their set of circumstances?

      Worth a read:

      1. f_lawless

        Relevant quotes from the article above:

        “…What is it that makes the vast majority of humanity comply with a system that drives Earth and humankind to ruin? What power has us in its grip? It isn’t just the conspiracy theorists who are captive to a mythology. Society at large is too. I call it the mythology of Separation: me separate from you, matter separate from spirit, human separate from nature. It holds us as discrete and separate selves in an objective universe of force and mass, atoms and void. Because we are (in this myth) separate from other people and from nature, we must dominate our competitors and master nature. Progress, therefore, consists in increasing our capacity to control the Other. The myth recounts human history as an ascent from one triumph to the next, from fire to domestication to industry to information technology, genetic engineering, and social science, promising a coming paradise of control. That same myth motivates the conquest and ruin of nature, organizing society to turn the entire planet into money — no conspiracy necessary.

        The mythology of Separation is what generates what I named in The Coronation as a “civilizational tilt” toward control. The solution template is, facing any problem, to find something to control — to quarantine, to track, to imprison, to wall out, to dominate, or to kill. If control fails, more control will fix it. To achieve social and material paradise, control everything, track every movement, monitor every word, record every transaction. Then there can be no more crime, no more infection, no more disinformation. When the entire ruling class accepts this formula and this vision, they will act in natural concert to increase their control. It is all for the greater good. When the public accepts it too, they will not resist it. This is not a conspiracy, though it can certainly look like one. This is a third truth within the conspiracy myth. Events are indeed orchestrated in the direction of more and more control, only the orchestrating power is itself a zeitgeist, an ideology… a myth….

        …Information suppression can happen without deliberate orchestration. Throughout history, hysterias, intellectual fads, and mass delusions have come and gone spontaneously. This is more mysterious than the easy conspiracy explanation admits. An unconscious coordination of action can look very much like a conspiracy, and the boundary between the two is blurry. Consider the weapons of mass destruction (WMD) fraud that served as a pretext for the invasion of Iraq. Maybe there were people in the Bush administration who knowingly used the phony “yellowcake” document to call for war; maybe they just wanted very much to believe the documents were genuine, or maybe they thought, “Well, this is questionable but Saddam must have WMD, and even if he doesn’t, he wants them, so the document is basically true…” People easily believe what serves their interests or fits their existing worldview.

        In a similar vein, the media needed little encouragement to start beating the war drums. They knew what to do already, without having to receive instructions. I don’t think very many journalists actually believed the WMD lie. They pretended to believe, because subconsciously, they knew that was the establishment narrative. That was what would get them recognized as serious journalists. That’s what would give them access to power. That is what would allow them to keep their jobs and advance their careers. But most of all, they pretended to believe because everyone else was pretending to believe. It is hard to go against the zeitgeist. ..’

        1. Donald McCarthy

          Eisenstein peddles a disreputable line of narcissistic, bullcrap spirituality. Always seeking to hide his emptiness behind a veil of platitudes.

        2. Nigel

          Wow. Discounting centuries of experience, of trial and error and study and scentific breakthroughs applied to the recurrent problems of plague and contagion, reducing it to a pseudo-intellectual invocation of ‘sheeple.’ Acts of quarantine and seperation and hygiene are all constraints we place on ourselves precisely because of our knowledge that we are subject to nature, but that nature is something we adapt to in order to survive. It’s the most fundamentally human thing going.

          There is no aspect of the ‘truth in conspiracy’ that was not already true before the pandemic. The fact that they remain true during the pandemic comes as a surprise to no-one. Invoking the WMD at this time, when it is the political and cultural side that promoted and believed in WMD that now deny covid, that abhor masks and social distancing and lockdowns, that distrust vaccines and, suddenly, big tech (not because they fundamentally mistrust big tech, but because big tech no longer seems to respect their ridiculous claims and lies and opinions even as big tech is the method whereby their base are wrapped in their cosy bubbles of disinformation,) is hubris personified.

          The love of the right for corporations and their private power and vast coffers is clashing with their anti-science fundamentalism, and overlaps with strains of the left that believes there is no crisis or problem in the entire world that can ever be adressed until they’ve managed to bring down capitalism or western imperialism, or both.

        3. Janet, chatty mammy

          I like to call it ” we can’t help pushing the big red button compulsion “

        1. f_lawless

          ..you trailed off there without adding anything further to the discussion. Get back to me when you can articulate a more mature response or let’s just leave it at that.

          1. Unreal

            His point was that you are quoting some vapid celebrity-lite paint drying is more interesting vacuous simpleton as an authority flawless

  4. Lilly

    Why on earth did the Queen sit alone at her husband’s funeral? She’s been vaccinated for months. Seem a bit OTT.

    On a separate note, glad Jules Thomas finally seeing the light.

    1. Donald McCarthy

      T’was for the optics in a cynical, storyboarded charade designed to unite the eyes and the bladders of the little people.

    2. Unreal

      I’d say it’s some kind of stiff upper lip pose.
      You know – the Dunkirk spirit etc when they ran away with their tails between their hind quarters and claimed it as a victory?
      Anyway I do agree with Vinny above there.

      The poor oul divil deserves a bit of time and space now with the greyhounds and corgis and not to be the bitter butt of all our collective failure to show all appropriate deference. Me hole! Some rebel you are Vinny!
      Would ye get up to hell outta that!

        1. Donald McCarthy

          Y’all right there hon? Too soon? Best to think of this internet thingy as a walk in an unknown forest. You might get to a clearing by the river and rest under the pomegranates or you might get savaged by a strolling heron. What’s important is that you keep on walking. This forum needs broad sheeters as well as bull sheeters.

        2. Unreal

          Ya get up the yard
          Are you minding your pees and your QA’s now since your ascent into politics?

  5. Charger Salmons

    Actually current regulations in the UK stipulate that only 30 people can attend a funeral and only those from the same household can sit closer than two metres apart.
    None of the Queen’s children live with her.
    Anyone with more than a teaspoon of brains could find this out within a couple of seconds of Googling.
    Which obviously rules out most of the posters on here today.

    1. Unreal

      You’ve just unwittingly given a lot more credibility to my Hyde Park toilets theory. You wouldn’t know what the poor oul divil might have caught up there – conjunctivitis and all sorts

    2. Lilly

      I didn’t see anyone sitting two meters away from her, did you? She was the sole occupant of the entire pew.

        1. Lilly

          Okay, that’s behind a paywall but I’ll take your word for it. All I saw was the Queen at one end of a long empty pew. Andy mustn’t have taken his seat at that stage.

          1. Charger Salmons

            As I say Lilly I didn’t watch it – perhaps the picture was taken at the end of the service after the others had filed out.
            My reading of the reports is that she did spend some time alone with the coffin after the service.

      1. Charger Salmons

        I didn’t watch it but looking at a diagram in the article it looked like the 30 people present were all spread out in different-sized clusters to make best use of the available space.
        Of course it could also be she simply didn’t want anyone sat next to her.

        1. Unreal

          Look at you trying to engage in civil conversation with real people. ROFLMAO

          You are silly

        2. Papi

          “I didn’t watch it, but I’ll throw my completely biased opinion in anyway”
          Pompous hypocrite.
          Your name should now be changer.

    1. Donald McCarthy

      Nigel, do you really believe that the world which watched the great unravelling with little interest will now move itself to an impossible effort. The immutable laws will not be suspended because a few random crusties demand it. Democracy has spoken clearly in favour of annihilation. The alternative, anarchism, was simply unacceptable.

        1. Donald McCarthy

          Sadly, that appears delusional to me as it discounts the accelerating growth of incontrovertible evidence. Humans it seems are reluctant to confront a reality beyond their narrow entitlement and exceptionalism. Kubler-Ross gave us the DABDA spectrum for processing grief and loss. Denial is the first stage. Then Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally acceptance. Time spent in Planetary Hospice without acceptance is time wasted. Mind how you go.

          1. Nigel

            When you’ve reasoned yourself into the position that not committing planetary suicide is delusional, you should probably go have a lie down.

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