21 thoughts on “Scoops

    1. E'Matty

      We pissed everywhere and anywhere. We’d all prefer to piss in toilets but the government have ensured no such basic facilities are available. They can be blamed for the smell of stale piss in every city centre laneway at present.

    2. Dr.Fart

      there’s ONE public bog outside Stephens Green S.C. and the queue is miles long. The council won’t put port-a-loos about the city because they think it encourages public drinking. It’s the most narrow minded, and typically DCC way of thinking. Zero creativity at all amongst their ranks. People will still drink publicly, always will, the only difference is where the pee goes. The DCC seem to think holding it inside your body until you get home is plausible and fine.

  1. Redundant Proofreaders Society

    That’s it…shaking off our diligence to ‘rules’ and will be taking away some serious pints next weekend.

  2. JEH

    Why are people so ecstatic about paying 6 euro for a pint of lager so they can sit on a bench with it when they can buy a can of the same lager for 2 euro and sit on a bench with it? Is it the plastic cup? That can also be arranged.

    All the price lists I’ve seen are listed above the “normal times” prices which seems crazy given the lower operating costs given they’re selling pints out of a doorway now. The point is, why are all pints 6 now when they would have been about 5 last year? Inflation isn’t that high.

    1. JoeyJoeJoeShabadoo

      It was a novelty for a while especially when in a pint glass but many have copped on now and are just getting cans.

      Future for a lot of people will be more cans/wine in friends houses and the odd treat day to the pub. Doubt people will return to the pubs in the same numbers after realising how much they were spending

      1. JEH

        I’m thinking the same thing, at least that’ll be more indicative of my behavior going forward. Pub once-in-a-while for a bit of chat and craic, but none of us can afford to go to the pub like we used to, especially if they’re going to jack up the rates to make up for the revenue they lost last year.

        1. E'Matty

          My already high salary rose 15% this year. There are winners and losers in the New economy. I’ll be back in pubs as a regular as soon as they open..

          1. Bitnboxy

            “My already high salary”. I love this! Proper lol territory. Sure, aren’t you only a hop, skip and jump away from UN Secretary General E’Matty!

            A bit like GiggidyGoo describing their oeuvre as “complex logistics”.

            Thank you (both) for the mirth!

    1. Dr.Fart

      yea I hate them. they also seem to all be wearing Jerry Seinfeld runners too. I’m ok with not being hip if that’s what it means.


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