Separation, Appropriation And Loss

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This morning.

Tuam campaigner Breeda Murphy, adoptee and activist Eunan Duffy and lawyer Frank Brehany, whose father was a Tuam adoptee, released their first joint report, detailing the practical requirements of any Transitional Justice Scheme, relating to the Mother and Baby Home Institutions.

Breeda, Eunan and Frank have published and released this report through a think-tank they have formed: The Separation, Appropriation & Loss Initiative (SALI) – (An Scaradh, Toiliú agus Cailleadh Tionscnamh).

This report delivers ‘informed comment and observations, stemming from their own experiences and that of many victims and survivors’.

On Saturday, Breeda, Eunan and Frank joined us to discuss their report (video above) in the 16th in a series of shows looking at all aspects of the Mother and Baby Home Commission of Investigation report.

SALI report here

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1 thought on “Separation, Appropriation And Loss

  1. Eunan Duffy

    So grateful to BROADSHEET for going where few others dare to go. Integrity and belief in abundance, from the man behind the mic, prepared to give voice and engage in the legion issues connected to institutional crimes & abuses. A forum to allow the dismissed and the unpalatable, the taboo and the avoided subject matter, to be aired and highlighted. The truth is easy to remember, the truth is not one’s version of the truth. We speak as it is, no forked tongues, no ambiguity and no hidden agendas. We challenge and question, and we inform as to what is actually happening on the ground.Listen not, pay heed neither, to the false prophets and those with sinister and covert intent ,to quash the hunger for justice. Those charged and under scrutiny, are motivated only by protection of repute, damage limitation, abdicating responsibility and denying accountability. The war goes on…


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