Any Spare Tickets?

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This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.

Taoiseach Micheal Martin and Tanaiste Leo Varadkar arrive for a cabinet meeting in Dublin Castle.

A bill aimed at eliminating the widespread practice of ticket touting is due to be brought to Cabinet later today by Tánaiste Leo Varadkar.

The legislation is expected to ban the above face-value resale of tickets to live events, matches, and concerts for either designated events or venues

The full details will be published later this week.

Once enacted, operators of venues with a capacity to hold 1,000 people or more will be able to apply to the Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment for designation.

Ticket touting bill to be brought before Cabinet today (RTÉ)


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22 thoughts on “Any Spare Tickets?

  1. Fweed

    A Bill to stop ticket touting? Is this all they can come up with…. How about a bill to regulate cannabis for adult use which if passed would create 15,000 new jobs and generate €350 million in additional tax revenue for the exchequer every year. That’s more money for public housing, education, and addiction services.

    Happy 420 Broadsheet!

      1. Johnny

        (Who funds Fweed,have you done some due diligence Bodger:)
        ….appears industry funded,why not campaign for home growing instead lashing big fat tax numbers about,kinda bs to be doing that,but yeah happy 420.

  2. eamonn

    Great to be protected from those nasty touts – making me pay silly prices for tickets….
    said nobody ever.
    Market Forces – no demand, prices drop….
    I would have thought interfering with a market would be at odds with our government’s raison d’etre.
    Not an admirer of the old scalpers/profiteering resellers myself, but no tout ever forced anyone to buy a ticket.

      1. eamonn

        I understand a little better now, thanks.
        I still don’t see how people allow themselves to be scalped, If nobody buys – nobody sells.
        I reckon either way, the govt. could find bigger fish to fry ?

  3. Gavin

    Christ is this really that big or important an issue, this lot avoid difficult decisions like the plague, anything to get their faces out there, and a gold star in the copybook, as Fweed said…How about a bill to regulate cannabis use, there are people who can’t even access this for medical use.

    1. Johnny

      …accessing weed is a red herring,it’s getting the govt / state to cover or pay for it and insurance companies,it’s not covered in states,yet by any state or private ins-all out of pocket.
      Gino has a bill in the works,this was a FG bill,Noel Rock I think started it,they should be working on allowing qualifying patients to home grow,six plants each.

  4. curmudgeon

    I haven’t commented here in quite awhile but It’s obvious why. Some of ye are just never fuppin happy. By all means hammer the govt when they do bad, but by the same token praise when they do good.

    And credit where its due “A version of the bill was first proposed in 2017 by TDs Stephen Donnelly and Noel Rock”

  5. Brughahaha

    will the “booking fee” or Admin fee that the legitimate scalpers put on ticket prices be included if a ticket cant be sold above face value ?

    1. JEH

      What if ticket resellers considered their markup “admin fee” or “service charge”. It’s not a frictionless transaction being the middle man for the middle man.

  6. goldenbrown

    gah. of all the things to be busying themselves with they pick this?

    this “issue” is one of the lowest of the low hanging fruits on the tree

    the question you need to ask yourself is what is this goodnewsstory covering up today? Robert Watt? the embarrassment of being forced into regulating private security deployed to enforce eviction orders?

    utter scutter

  7. Stephen

    I have to say I am against this legislation
    The issue is ticket agents sell tickets far below their market value, the reason for this is concert tickets unlike many other products have a limited supply and even with very high demand supply can’t be increased as it can with other products.
    So with high demand and low supply the market value is high. Agents then basically hold a lottery which you enter by getting into the online queue for tickets, if you are lucky you get to buy a high value item at a discount.
    If agents sold tickets at their market value there would be no issue, how do they know the market value, sell them by auction.
    “Ohh but what about the kids/fans who can’t afford to spend a few hundred on tickets it will only be the rich who can afford to go to concerts”
    Thats life, why do we view concerts as any different to any other product, plenty of experiences are only available to the rich.
    Governments should not interfere in the market for what is a purely discretionary purchase.

    1. Qwerty123

      I get what you are saying, but if you had no touts buying loads of tickets, you would get a fair market value. Now you don’t. So it is very hard to determine the true market value. Saying people are willing to pay 300 say for a ticket, doesn’t mean the fair market value is 300. A very small percentage are buying them at 300

  8. Przemek

    Why aren’t we doing rent-to-buy?

    Family rents home at market rate, and let’s say after 3-5 years they have option to buy it, with rent paid becoming a deposit…

    There used to be few of those back in 2007 and it sounds like a great idea


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