Prepare Your Salads

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This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2.

Via Irish Mirror:

Minister Eamon Ryan has said there should be more “social life” outdoors soon, adding to the hopes for outdoor dining returning in May.

Momentum is growing among Cabinet ministers for a fast-tracking of the lifting of lockdown restrictions next month.

“It was a lovely weekend, my sense was that everybody was really respectful, they were keeping their distance, it was using our great outdoors in the way that we should and people pretty much adhering to the regulations was my sense, so we shouldn’t give up on that.”

Minister Eamon Ryan keen on outdoor socialising soon with hopes of significant May lockdown changes


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9 thoughts on “Prepare Your Salads

      1. Dr.Fart

        yea, unless FG/FF tell him to ditch them in favour for their pursuits. All his ideologies are up for the chop if it gives him a bit of power. Ultimate sell-out

    1. Rob

      I mocked him at the time, but he was right about growing veg and keeping hardware shops open. He was talking about the mental effects of the lockdowns before any other politician.

  1. Anton Chigurh

    A transport minister who stated the national aviation industry isn’t part of his brief. When FFG were divvying up the hot seats, this was a sop to gain Greens support to form a majority against SF. The guy is the clown who thinks he’s running the circus, and will be cast upon the dungheap come the next election.


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